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Dibs the lonesome Cybred Empty Dibs the lonesome Cybred

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Name: DB-813 
Nicknames : Dibs 
Age: Undefined
Gender: None tho speaks with male voice
Species: Cybred
Occupation: None

Dibs the lonesome Cybred Neo3HUB

Appearance: Dibs takes the form of a tall Cybred combat unit designated Headhunter, standing at about 8.9 meters tall and weighing in at 74 metric tons, Dibs is not the run of the mill robot one would expect to be wandering the planet, colored dark grey, light grey and black color with a solid light blue visor in his head, the typical type of color scheme found on all of his kind. However unlike the rest dibs dose not have the logo of G.U.N printed any where on him and the reason behind it is Dibs was the first prototype Cybred displayed for them and thus they never knew if the concept would be accept so it was left out. Few wear and tear marks round off his look.

Personality traits


-learning new things about the world around him
- mimicing interactions
- protecting the world around him
- A strange fascination to objects that he can kick around
- Reactions of others to him. 

- Harbinger for his mind set on the world
- Those who seek to destroy the world and those who live in it. 
- Standing around with nothing to do. 
- Exploitation of his own kind
- Water

Personality: Dibs functional A.I while virtually identical to all others has developed some what uniquely, given him being the first ever created Dibs had the longest exposure to living beings then any other to date, because of this Dibs has developed a very sentient and unique personality all on his own. He acts much like a living being an less of a machine, actively talking to others, finding out information and learning, if it really interests him he will attempt to mimic actions of those around him, which does not always work given his size. Dibs is extremely curious and will explore every thing about what it is that he finds so curious, when it comes to fighting most times Dibs will use violence as a last resort rather using his large scale size to quell a potential fight before it can happen. Dibs believes that he is here for more then what he was originally created to do and will actively seek out any way possible to help in the bigger picture.

Combat traits

Abilities: Dibs is extremely powerful in ranged combat, as being a Cybred he possess some of the strongest weapons ever created thus when it comes to combat Dibs can unleash power not many can match, combined with his A.I system which is rapidly thinking and adaptive Dibs can turn the tide against his foe at a moments notice, changing how it goes about doing it quickly, often leading his enemies to become confused and unknowing of what he may pull out next. Dibs is armed with a wide array of weapons to handle different threats, his main weapons are two 400 Gigwatt lasers mounted on the sides of his left and right torso, two 75mm auto cannons placed just above and just below his central AI pod and finally a 1500 gigwatt particle laser canon on the very top, this weapon is a upgrade over the standard and can deliver a blast powerful enough to punch holes through the thickest, however due to the modular weapons design Dibs could reconfig his weapons should he need to.

Dibs is also extremely agile despite his size, thanks to his advance gyro actuator muscle system in the legs which allows him to move quickly and over different terrain fluently reaching speeds of 65 kph which is impressive given his size, for defense dibs carries a type 12 Shield display system which projects a electromagnetic field around him, this shield can be moved around him at will meaning he could focus all in the front or all in the rear or even it between front and back. The shield can adsorb a lot of punishment before it goes down.

When the shield is dropped Dibs relays on Turanium,  a new light weight extremely tough armor substance created for Cybreds to absorb further attacks, in a nut shell, to bring Dibs down is one hell of a difficult task but not impossible. 


-Rather good with words.
- Intelligent and adaptive
- excellent long range combatant.
- strong defenses
- tenaciously protects others. 


-Useless against close range combatants due to lack of arms
- Unable to use stealth
- Susceptible to powerful EMP like attacks
- Struggles to gain trust with others. 
- Low esteem, feels like a failure compared to the rest. 

Social information:

Positive relations
-field tech Arlene, Dibs formed a bit of a bond with the one who was responsible for his up keep and daily checks, they got along well and even spent some time where she would tell him stories of the world, dibs always reported to her first before any one else. 
-Darken the fox, Dibs encountered Darken first as hostile he the fox was assigned to a special team to hunt them down when he was suspected of going rogue, later the two joined forces in a co-op to investigate a silent base which they had to protect from renegade cybreds, Dibs holds him in high regard and even shared vital information with the fox.

Negative relations
- Harbinger, Harbinger being the master mind AI orginally created, looks down upon Dibs as malfunctioning Cybred, a glitched and failed one at it, Dibs looks at Harbinger is egotistical and full of it self for how it views it being the dominant AI. 

- Captain Liao, being the one who commands and orders Dibs, the two started off well but soon enough Dibs began to see that Liao would not hesitate to terminate a faulty machine if he saw one, not wanting to be scrapped Dibs always complied with his orders until learning that Captain Liao wanted Dibs dismantled due to his unpredictable nature, this was one of the  causes for dibs to break out and flee from his holding. 

-(To be added) 


Dibs or DBL-813 was created at the very start, shortly after Harbinger came to be, Dibs was the original, the first Cybred to created and proved that they were a force that could save many many lives, Dibs was built at Vektor Engineering factory in the north, all his systems, weapons and other gear was all assembled there, after being created Dibs was sent to base Omicron further down south in the outskirts of Central City. There it was the first time he "Opened his eyes" and became active. Dibs immediately began to learn from that point and originally was identical to every other Cybred there after, however due to his longer exposure to living beings Dibs own personality began to develop at a much faster rate then the rest, signs of this were increase curiosity, attempted mimic behavior and more. 

Dibs eventually would prove himself when the test trial took place, Dibs was tasked with destroying a large empire machine, which he did extremely well tho as some predicted, more showed up, it was then Dibs displayed his adaptive nature, choosing to hide away until the right moment to ambush the machines, which resulted in the complete wipe out of the empire machines, Dibs performance paved the way for more Cybreds to be built. 

However over time Dibs personality became stronger and stronger, some times refusing to carry out certain actions, deeming them to "Poorly though out or questionable" This did not sit well with those who were in control, other times Dibs had simply left the hanger on his own accord to explore the lands around the base, this caused some concerns and tighter restrictions. 

Something else was brewing, Dibs began to act irate about something but lacked the ability to communicate what was going on, it seemed Dibs had learned of a terrible event that was about to happen, unable to get his message across and also discovering the base officers had decided Dibs was to unpredictable to be kept any more and decided on decommission of him, Dibs broke free from the hanger, blasting open the doors and fleeing into the wilderness. 

G.U.N was mobilized to track down the machine and to capture or destroy it, tho every attempt to do so ended in failure as Dibs could pick them up coming a few kilometers away and simply relocated. After several weeks, G.U.N created a freelance force to hunt down Dibs, tracking him to the outskirts of Spagonia. 

At this time Dibs finally manage to master speech, having now the ability to do so he could explain what was about to happen, however him now on the run meant they likely hood of any one listening would be none. Upon the force coming into contact with him, the group and Dibs fought and for a while leading them on a chase of dangerous hide and seek. Eventually they managed to corner him against thick growth he could not by pass. This is when Dibs finally spoke out to them, Explaining what was about to happen of the danger just around the corner. At first reluctant they at least heard him out. 

Dibs had discovered that a virus had infected Cybreds at Base Omicron and were soon enough about to turn on their personal. Another reason why Dibs escaped was to avoid being infected as well this was confirmed when reports came in of Cybreds going awal and attacking every living being in site, it was already starting
Thankfully the virus had only just started and base Omicron was the only infected base, the band decided to join forces with Dibs and together the force beat back the rampaging Cybreds and destroyed the base before the rebelling could carry on any further. Tho where the virus came from was unknown or who was behind it, time would tell. 

After which Dibs was cleared from decommission and allowed return, Dibs declined and decided it wished to venture out and explore the world for itself, he believed the others could do the job better, feeling still some what a kind of failure was also a strong suite for declining to go back, Dibs there on left G.U.N and ventured into the world where he is today, always on the look out and extremely curious, Dibs is a force to be reckon with but at the same time one who wants a safer future for the planet and those who live among it enjoying exploring more then destroying.
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