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Race: Vivi Metallum, AKA, MechaMetal.
Living sentient robotic species. Capable of reproduction and independent thought and function without biological interference.

Home area: Little planet.

Last known records of existence: 500~550 years ago.

Power Classification: Levels 1~???. (Appear to have limitless possible power classifications)

Average lifetime: Average lifespan of 80~120 years. Can exceed far beyond that with proper care.

§General Info§
MechaMetals origins are unkown and untraceable. MechaMetals are living robotics species capable of have many different forms and abilities. Ranging from simple element manipulation to the ability to alter space and time as well as reality to their will.

They all have a gem or item in their chest (sometimes other areas) that houses their mind and memories. This is what also holds their soul energy, their entire essence and they can suffer irreversible psychic and physical damage if it were to receive damage.

They look very much like many different types of mobians. Ranging from cats, birds, hedgehogs, and even mixed breeds. The most uncommon are usually the most powerful amongst them.

Their Powers and abilities usually have parameters due to the species a MechaMetal appears to be. But technically they can end up with any and all kinds of abilities (Example: Some can have dimensionl hopping, others with simple teleportation) the more powerful the ability the more rare it is to manifest in any of them.

There also exists Mecha-Primes. Rare powerful MechaMetal with incredible abilities and usually end up in positions of power and leadership. They usually have multiple abilities aside from the standard one ability all MechaMetals have.

They are fully capable of eating food as their internal systems work and function much like a biological body, meaning they can taste food and other things. They gain more energy from actual electricity or typical energy sources however making eating solely food an ineffective way to refuel.

Their bodies produce nanites that function as repair system for their bodies. Their "Skin" and the rest of them seem to be made of an unkown self replicating metallic material, making them able to recover from wounds much like anyone else. It's also bendable and flexible without losing durability allowing natural MechaMetals to not have joints and keep their internals protected.

There "blood" is made up of an unknown liquid material of alternating color that seems to provide energy. This liquid crystallizes upon exposure to the outside elements. 

All MechaMetals have an overdrive mode that push their abilities to there absolute limit, making some abilities quite potent and powerful. This usually manifests after the age of 18.

Two kinds are known: Bio-Metals and Fabricated Metals.
Bio-Metals are natural born in the same process as any biological being known and and have the abilities and information gone into detail about. Fabrication models are a result of artificially created Metals that possesses much simpler abilities and construction. The main difference is fabricated Metals do not grow and age like their natural variation and stay at the same body shape and size. Is is known they do age mentally and learn like the others.

Fabricated models also possess no personalities from the beginning and are very basic if they have any. Growing mentally and with experience they gain individuality and uniqueness.

It is noted that Fabricated models appear to be made solely for the purpose of war and are considered the lowest in society. Often looked down on and because of this almost always staff in service in some way to avoid gettinga civilian life.

Fabricated Mechas also have similar "skin" and body biology to their biological creators but it isn't bendable or flexible. Thus requiring them to have joints and the internal systems are more robotic than biological.

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