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When good turns to evil Empty When good turns to evil

Post by Dione on Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:34 pm


"Ayuna, are you sure we should do this?" Ira hesitated as he walked amongst the people on this busy day. "Of course, don't you chicken out on me now." The pastel feline grinned and got out her phone. "Almost time.." she murmered to herself. 

To most people today would be a normal day like any other sunny spring afternoon. There was a slight breeze, there were people going about, minding their own businesses, the birds in the sky were screeching at each other and the occasional seagulls were fighting for the scraps some people left on the ground. What no one knew, however, was what Ayuna and Ira had planned for the day. This heist would change a few Mobians' outlook on their life and the every-day securities they had. 

The couple would have to be stealthy and careful about what they were about to do. It was dangerous and could expose the both of them with great ease. The both of them were dressed in black hoodies, black jeans and combat boots, hiding most of their prominent features apart from their faces. However, they both also had a bandana tied around their necks in such a fasion that they would be able to easily pull it over their mouths if proven necessary. The two of them also carried a big sports bag, seemingly empty. It was a slightly strange sight, seeing two people entirely dressed in black, hiding their features whilst carrying empty bags around, though, no one really seemed to take much notice of it.

The tall, red liger was nervous. This was one of his first big crimes, and he was going to try out a whole bunch of new techniques Ayuna had taught him, such as controlling multiple people at the same time. It would be challenging to say the least, but he had to prove himself to her. He had to show her he could do more than just the smaller things they had done together so far. He had to prove he was willing to go through with their plans to the very end, even if it meant creating casualties or his own death. 

Their plan was simple. Get to the cafe at the outer ring of the city centre, take some hostages and get the money before anyone could contact the police or G.U.N. To be on the safe side, Ira and Ayuna had both brought a pistol of their own as well, ensuring that they wouldn't be defenseless, might anyone manage to break free from them. 

You see, their powers were simple. They could take control of any organic body with a blood stream, as long as they didn't have a mind strong enough to break free from their powers. When that happened, it was no use trying to get back in control a second time, seeing as their target's mind would already be aware of what was going on. The mind would need time to get back to its original state for a blood bender to get back in control. It was tricky, but if everything went well, they would have enough money to get their own place and to provide for themselves for a few months, giving them enough time to plan their next actions. 

The two felines neared the end of the road, the junction where they had to turn left to reach their destination. The smaller female nodded at her partner, signalling him to pull up his bandana to cover up his face while she did the same. They continued to walk in silence, both knowing exactly what they were going to do and how they were going to distribute the tasks. 

When they reached the cafe, Ayuna once again nodded at Ira who immediately knew it was time. He closed his eyes for a moment and when he reopened them, his normally acid grean scleras had turned completely black, allowing him to look 'into' other people's blood streams. He had picked his targets; the two bartenders and one of the waitresses. His girlfriend was doing the same, her pastel green scleras had, too, turned pitch black, allowing her to do the exact same thing. She chose to go for the other waitress and three of the guests at the table. She was a lot stronger than Ira and she had had more training which allowed her to practically disable anyone's movement unless she wanted them to move. This ensured that she could at least hold a few people down. 

In a matter of seconds, the mood in the cozy cafe changed completely from being warm and welcoming to cold and almost frightening. Ayuna snapped her fingers, queing Ira to set his powers into action, stopping the bartenders and the waitress in their tracks as he took over their lower bodies. The shattering of class on the floor and the screams of the victims overpowered any other sounds in the cafe. "EVERYONE STAY QUIET! Drop your phones and don't you even think about touching them again!" Ayuna yelled as she drew out her pistol and stopped her own targets from moving entirely. 

She calmly walked forward to the counter as Ira secured the doors with his own gun, all the while he made sure his targets didn't attempt to break free. He was the one responsible for taking further action if the employees of the place refused to empty out the cash register and the safe in the back of the building. 

The poor people didn't know what was happening to them. One second they could move freely to their own wishes, and the next moment they were stuck to the ground, unable to move as if their feet were glued to the ground and as if their legs had stopped working. A few of them let out a scream in fear, but Ira was quick to silence them. "Shut the fuck up!" he yelled at them, forcing the waitress to cover her mouth with her own right hand. 

In the meantime, Ayuna had reached the bar, her face mostly hidden by her hoodie and bandana, her eyes unrecognisable by the change of colour her powers had caused. They would both be safe as long as their powers didn't fail them. Their green eyes would stand out too much to not be noticed. "You know what to do, hun. Hand me the cash~" she said quietly, directed towards the female of the two bartenders. "I- I- I-" the girl stuttered. She couldn't move, not because of Ira, but because her fear paralysed her. Ayuna rolled her eyes, took a step back and raised her arm as she squeezed her hand into a fist. The girl behind the bar choked up, grabbing her own throat in an attempt to breathe but to no avail. 

"Now, give me, the money." she said once again, this time a lot harsher and colder than before. The girl nodded frantically, Ayuna turned around to Ira, signalling him to let her move and then turned back to the bar, releasing the girl and letting her breathe again. The girl sprinted towards the register, opened it up and brought it back to Ayuna. The cat opened her back and pointed at it with her pistol. "Now, empty it in the bag." The bartender followed her instructions obediently though shaky, and emptied the plastic tray into the bag. 

"We both know there's more in the office, don't we? Why don't you show me where it is, hmm?" The two of them took off to the office, leaving Ira alone to look after the whole situation. It was going smoothly so far, no one had to get hurt, no one was being too difficult, and no one had managed to contact the authorities. The dark hybrid was happy to see how it was going. Since he had to release the bartender, he had more energy and strength to keep the waitress and the male bartender in control while still looking after the whole cafe as a whole. Thankfully for him it wasn't a very big place, and they had chosen a time where most people would have already had lunch. It was a big help for sure, and a boost to his confidence. He could to this. 

After a few minutes, Ayuna and the girl had come back from the small office, and Ayuna's bag was noticeably more filled and heavier. Good. This meant success. Ira slowly backed out the door, still holding on to his powers. However, the effects were starting to show and his vision started to go blurry. It started to hurt to use his powers and it was far from pleasant. Ayuna was starting to feel the same effects, and she once again nodded towards Ira, letting him know it was okay to leave. Once the both of them were outside, they started walking away and only until after they had reached another street, they started to run and stopped their powers, letting their eyes return to their original colour. 

This was a success, and a big one at that. Ira was proud of himself and of his girl, they were a powerful couple, and even though this was only a small cafe, he knew they could take on a lot more if push came to shove. He knew this was the path he wanted to take. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl, doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, not being bound by laws and rules.

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