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Phaze: An Interview Empty Phaze: An Interview

Post by Awakened Vega on Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:10 am

The light flickered on in the cold, desolate room. Two chairs, a table, and a lightbulb swinging overhead. Already sat in one of the chairs was a female hedgehog. Her blonde hair flowing down to her mid-back. She was dressed in an outfit that, well didn't leave much to imagination. A tight pink vest that left her mid section exposed, along with an equally short pair of shorts, matching in pink and the words "BITE ME" across her thighs. It was clear this young woman was making some sort of statement by her fashion choice. She was handcuffed, her arms behind her back, practically binding her to the chair.

It wouldn't take long for the female to begin talking, despite the lack of company within the room. "C'mon lets get this done, I got time to waste and I ain't plannin' on wastin' it here!" She would shout out, her voice showing signs of arrogance, and just plain boredom.

Eventually, the door to the room would creak open, a man, dressed in a blue outfit, a gold badge upon his chest, showing his rank as an officer. He would place his hat down on the table between them, sitting down to face her. "Alright, I don't want to waste your time or my time here, Phaze, was it?"

The girl would answer quickly, a tsk escaping her pink coloured lips. "That's what I told you and every other cop that dragged me in here." She would say, pouting and leaning back, clearly showing distaste for her situation. The officer would reply "Okay, Ms. Phaze, its just, you never provided us with any identification, so we have to proof of just who you are an-" Before the officer could even finish his sentence, Phaze kicked off again.

"I told you I don't have an I.D." She would say, a hiss in her voice, gritting her teeth at the officer "I don't have an I.D because I don't have an Identity." She wouldn't quite raise her voice, simply exaggerating words so show her frustration with the entire situation.

"Okay... okay, Miss, do you care explaining what you mean by, you don't have an identity?" He would ask calmly, not wanting to escalate anything. Phaze would huff, taking in a deep breath. "I don't have an identity because I shouldn't exist, my identity already belonged to someone else, I am no one." She would say, not seeming to care that, to the average person, that would make absolutely no sense.

"Belongs to someone else? Miss what d-" Once again, the officer's sentence was cut off by Phaze's snapping once more "Honest to gods do I have to spell everything out?! A clone! A damned, failed experiment! A copy! A fake!" She would say with a loud snap, gritting her teeth hard as she finished her sentence.

"Okay.... okay..." The officer would begin writing down notes on his notepad, letting the tension settle for a minute before he would look back up. "Okay Miss, the reason you've been brought into the station today is that, you match the description of multiple cases of theft, manipulation, among other things..."

Phaze would take in a deep breath "Oh I match the description huh? Greeeeeat. Well lemme explain myself then." She would say, leaning back on her seat. "Theft, and manipulation, well, I hardly think its my fault when someone falls head over heels for me, gives me everything, money, gifts.... credit cards, and I simply walk away when I don't share those feelings. But of course, they cry manipulation." She would finish off, rolling her eyes.

The officer would scribble down some more notes, breathing in and asking once more "Okay miss, well we have to take the calls and accusations seriously. And, well, your actions seem awfully unethical, so we'd like to ask, why would you do this?" He said, eyebrow raised.

Phaze, began to laugh, giggling as she leaned forward slightly. "Aaaah, why? I'll tell you why. Because I don't care. Its too easy. Some people are just so, weak minded, so hopeless that they'll give everything to the slightest bit of affection, and once I get what I want, I take my ball and get going." She would say, a rather sick grin on her face. "Oh but please, continue telling me how that is unethical, I'll tell you whats unethical! Being born into a world you don't belong in and being left with no self-identity other than a copy of some.... some childish little punk!" She would say, again snapping a bit, it seemed her emotions would jump up and down rather intensely.

"I..Um." The officer replied, fidgeting with his tie, clearly shocked by the way Phaze was talking, and her mood swings. "Okay Miss, well... while you may not be considered guilty of any crimes... due to your lack of identification, we think I'd be best if you spend some time here at the station while we resolve things."

Phaze would pause, raising an eyebrow before a small, seductive lil smirk grew upon her lips. "Oh, well actually, I think I have a better idea~" She would giggle in a soft, lustful little tone, leaning ever so closer to the officer "Now, you got something I want with that lil collection of keys ya got there.... and, well, I'm so, sooooooo~ certain that I can give you something you want~" She would say, centimetres away from the officer's face...and her warm breath clouding his thoughts...


After a period of time, Phaze would be walking out of the station, a grin upon her face. As she made her way down the steps, she tossed the handcuffs once binding her to the floor, and threw her hair back, fixing herself up, making her way back out... into the night.

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Phaze: An Interview Empty Re: Phaze: An Interview

Post by Dregan on Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:30 am

Goddamit Phaze, two unethicals don't make an ethical.
Though apparently two wrongs do make a left because she got up and left the hell out of there!
I'm here all week.
Phaze evidently isn't.

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