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The Black Glutton Empty The Black Glutton

Post by Mistory on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:13 pm

-Basic Overview-


The Black Glutton; Crow

Unknown, presumably male




A tall humanoid, standing at with a severe slouch at 6'02", bearing a thin frame, while maintaining a clear outline of muscle. The skin is smooth and durable, bearing little blemishes. Bears two long, narrow arms reaching to the ankles, each ending in a 4 clawed hand, each talon a thin nail stretching roughly 2 inches from the flesh, a fifth claw sprouting from the backside of each hand, just reaching past the second knuckle. Has a thin, almost concave stomach, reaching a wide set of hips. Stands on a pair of Digit-grade legs, ending in three clawed feet. From below the second joint of each leg, the "heel" sprouts two hooked claws, 3 inches in length, one on the inner and one on the outer side of both legs. His head is angular in design, appearing as a soft curved wedge. One large eye on each side, bearing a faint black outline of an iris.  The back of the head splits into two points, stretching further back. Just beneath these two spines is a small mess of white hair, hanging just to the shoulders. The chin juts out to a sharp point, the lower jaw angled and sharp. The jaws, themselves, bare bizarre interlocking plates, resembling teeth, lining the "lips". Inside the jaws is a mouth full of solid molars, sharply edged from years of hard matter, and a long, prehensile tongue.
Bandaging can be found wrapped loosely around the throat, hanging freely to his chest. around his wrists, and sole of the leg is similar bandaging, tightly wrapped and bound, worn and nearly black with age.  On the stomach, shoulders, elbows, knees, and around the eyes is a hard, dermal scaling. On the forearms, calves, and shoulder blades are each a circular pocket, in the center gaining a violet colored orb of roughly an inch embedded in the flesh, while a similar orb of 3 inches is embedded in the left pectoral. Across the skin in a haphazardly drawn patter of sharp, angled turns are dim purple lines, each sprouting from the mentioned orbs and tracing the body in an attempt to find another, connecting the orbs in a form of a system of circuits across the body

6’2” casual; 6’7” at full height

-Body Type-
Lean, Muscular, Fit

-Skin Tone (color)-
Ash Gray to Black

-Eye Color-

-Hair Color-

-Unique Features-
Bandages at throat, feet, and wrists; purple circuit patterns across body; violet orbs embedded in flesh


-Personality (general qualities)-
Kind, considerate (attempts to be), loyal, protective

 Food, rain, sweets, music, chocolate, piano

 Spicy foods, flat soda, diet, bright lights, flames, sharp objects, bright lights, insults

 Easily distracted (by food), compulsive, easily entertained

 Wasting food, poor singing


-Date of Birth-


-Current Residence-


To Be Revealed


N/A, unknown


-Prior Relationships-
N/A, unknown


capable close range combatant, destructive potential

Digestive regeneration- healing through the act of eating. Crotys can regenerate through the consumption of matter at incredible rates.
Digestive conversion- Converting digested matter into energy. Through this, Gol can fire large blasts of energy from his jaws. The more eaten, the more dangerous these blasts can be.
Internal Storage- storing matter in the body for later use, even items of questionable size. Crotys can store things he has eaten, be them tools, weapons, or equipment, inside himself with seemingly no ill effects. He can then cough these items back up if needed. Larger objects seem to vanish inside.
Elastic Form- able to bend, expand, stretch, compress, and contort the body at will. Crotys seems to be made up of rubber, as his body constantly shifts and changes as he moves.
Enhanced physical prowess- stronger, faster, and more durable than the average

Fear of fire, sensitive to light, magic considered “holy”


-Armor/ Clothing-



-Personal Items-


Was once capable of jumping through time. However, for unknown reasons he has since lost this ability
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