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Post by DeltaGear on Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:48 am

Name: Darren Tean
Nickname: DT
Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: cat
Occupation: Rookie hero.

Brown with dark brown striped fur with large ears and Yellow eyes. He wears a red bandanna around his neck with camo sneakers and heavy duty gloves. He also has a three triangular shaped markings on his forehead.

Personality traits.

-Supporting those he can.
-Tinkering on his weapon and gadgets.
-learning about new tech and powers.

-People who use there power wrongly.
-Having his tech used to hurt others.
-Not having powers of his own.

Darren has a timid personality and is shy around new people, preferring to sink into the background instead of head on meeting people. He is tech savvy and loves his work and tries to build stuff only to help and protect others, having a big fear of his work being used wrongly. He is slightly sad he wasn't born with anything unique or impressive in terms of powers or enhanced physical properties, this leads him to often believe he can't be of much help to anyone because of this. But he still tries his best with the devices and gadgets he uses to make up for what he lacks in power to try being the hero he wants to be. he does love any chance he gets to see others in action and test out his own abilities against others when he can.

Combat traits.

Powers: none.
Since he has no powers he uses a variety of gadgets to help him.

Weapons and gadgets.
The CC-AC (aka the Copy-Gun) is a modified version of the base Wispon, allowing him to modify the weapon to preform a variety of functions and practical abilities based on the weapon chips currently in it. By studying someone elses powers or abilities or just taking time to come up with his own he can make a weapon chip algorithm that replicates an ability. It can only hold up to 3 individual chips at a time other than the base chargeable blaster shot that is its standard attack.

Scatter bombs: throwable splitting grenades that can change out effects for different situations. It come with three by default: smoke, blast, and EMP.

Elite Climbing Gear: Darren has modified his gloves and shoes with special grip pads that let him gain more traction on most surfaces and climb most vertical areas.

-Tech savvy and can repair most things he comes across given time to study it.
-While not a super mobian, he has trained himself and has learned parkour to some extent.
-Adaptation, mainly with his weapon as he bases new weaponry and gadgets off of people he has met.

-low self-esteem and confidence as he doesn't have any super amazing powers.
-As he doesn't have any abilities he also doesn't have the usual endurance and defense that would come with it.
-His tech is his only means of attack and defense. If he were to lose any of it or have it get damaged he would be next to useless.

Positive relations.

Negative relations.

Darren grew up in a family as the youngest of six. Immediately he was left in the dust as each one of his siblings was born with unique abilities, leaving him the runt of the family as it soon became clear he wasn't going to develop any. As he grew up he found himself targeted by bullies as he was the only out of his family who couldn't fight back being timid as he was and disliked conflict.

One day he noticed a particularly mean kid in class picking on his slightly older brother Forte, being bigger and more imposing. The bully continued to pick on his brother until he tried fighting back... only for the larger kid to immediately stomp him. Darren wanted to run, fearing he would be noticed and targeted next... but then something burned in him as he watched his brother get pummeled. Without thinking he lept onto the bigger kid again began fight him off his brother, getting hurt in the process. A teacher was finally called over and rescued the boys from becoming mincemeat.

After that day his siblings held him in high regards, calling him the strongest in the family. He then used that support to drive himself farther to reach his dream of becoming a real hero to do good for people.

Character theme

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Post by Angered-Fluff on Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:58 pm

10/10 Best child would protect at all costs-

Seriously though, this is a great character! I love how simple, yet thought through he is. I'd love to see him in action one day!

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