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Post by OfficialOverkill on Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:44 pm

*It was a late night that dictated the current hour on the watches and clocks of every resident of the "beautiful" Haven City. It was 10:00 at night. The moon would not be present. The sky presented a rather deep dark brown, rather than a star filled black. It was raining.. lightly, at least.. It was in the Slums that a young boy was out for a stroll.. there had been a recent prison escape from the Krimson Guard Fortress.. so many Krimson Guards have been patrolling the Slums at this hour in search for the missing prisoner.. luckily, the boy wasn't involved in any of this ruckus.. His somewhat scruffy white hoodie, black joggers, simple sneakers, long dark brown hair, and blue eyes could be seen just walking around the Slums., Wishing this city hadn't have been tormented by the dictating rule of Baron Praxis.. "Oh, what a lovely day. . " the boy would mutter to himself as he walked in the rain of Haven City*

Not to mention, there's also a large palace that the boy has to look up instead of seeing a clear sky with no sign of a corrupt leadership lurking in the peripheral vision of the citizens' eyes.

There also lied an outlying threat just outside the city walls. . The Metal Heads were becoming much more organized and strong. . They could invade the city in a split second if the walls' invisible shield ends up dropping. .  And the Baron was more focused on maintaining his HONOR rather than the city's people itself. . And so, would many be reminded of such threats and other terrible things Baron Praxis has done.. those terrible things being. . nothing. .

There had also been an underground rebellion that the people in the Slums were starting to become loyal to. . this rebellion maintaining the simple nickname, "The Underground" had plans to overthrow Baron Praxis, the Krimson Guard, and help this city become a better place. . And yet the boy wished for this. . Despite it already occurring. . He wasn't aware. . yet.

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Haven City Empty Re: Haven City

Post by DeltaGear on Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:29 am

Arc walked with a purpose to his destination, hoping nobody would be stupid enough to try and mug or stop the obviously fighting experienced Echidna. 

~I hate having to do underground fighting, but it gets the bills paid~ Arc thought As he continued walking, ~And the last thing i want is some punks trying to get petty revenge on me.~ arc kept walking, taking the more open routes through the city to avoid getting ambushed in any back alleys. Making sure to keep a steady pace towards his house.


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