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General Info

Name: Sydney Ava
Nickname: Volt (DVNz name), Jonas van Heimlich (public name)
Age: 16 (17?)  
Species: Cockatiel  
Gender: Male  
Occupation: Vigilante, Fugitive, Cashier 
Residence: Underground cave base hidden in a Eurishan mountain range


Height: 4’1”
Build: Skinny
Hair color/style: Tied-back ponytail of long, white crest feathers (untied and worn somewhat similar to dreadlocks in public)
Eye color: Unknown; eyes appear always shut
Body Color: White upper body (chest up, including arms); black mid-section and lower body (chest down)
Beak Color: Medium Gray
  • General attire : Black bandana around neck; white, black, and yellow athletic sneakers; Black and white gloves, a yellow “bracelet” connected to the base of the cuff
  • Combat attire: Black bandana with a yellow lightning pattern covering mouth; gold tinted goggles with a black frame; black, hooded, full-body cloak buttoned at the collar; black full-body undersuit; black and brown cross-shoulder rifle scabbard; black combat boots
  • Work attire : Orange cap with company logo on the front; orange and blue striped polo shirt; blue jeans; brown work boots

General Appearance and Attire
With hair/feathers down (link to artist's DeviantArt)


Volt is a nonchalant jokester who doesn't seem to take anything too seriously. He's pretty much walking comic relief, always seeming to ruin high-intensity situations with his nonchalant attitude. He's very snarky and doesn't hesitate to speak his mind, even to high-authority figures. The only times he seems to get serious is when his or any other DVNz's secret identity is on the line—the worst thing he feels that can happen to him is be caught. He lives by a code of survival in memoriam to his parents, who left him with that request. 

  • Jokes and pranks
  • Food (spicy and/or sweet dishes especially)
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Sightseeing and exploration
  • Common people, small business owners, and genuine philanthropists
  • Freedom
  • His real name ("Sydney")
  • Complaining
  • "Buzzkills"
  • Pretenses
  • Media outlets
  • Life on the run
  • Corruption, greed, selfishness, etc.
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Watching old movies
  • Hanging out with DVNz (especially Overclock - see Positive Relations)

Combat traits

Expert Marksmanship
Expert Gunslinging (quickdraws, high accuracy rapid fires, complex trickshots, etc.)
Expert Stealth
Hand-to-Hand Skills
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Acrobatics and Reflexes
Enhanced Awareness
Survival Skills

Volt is a Reactor, i.e. possess kinetic powers from a certain genetic mutation. His power is electrokinetics. Unfortunately, he lacks the ability to naturally slow or stop his powers once he activates them, and will continuously generate electricity until he Overloads. Because of this, he relies on a set of gadgets called K.E.S.L.A (see Equipment) to limit and use his powers. 

Ionic Overload (or simply "Overload" for short): An ability only known to Volt and another Reactor, Gust. If one of them triggers their powers without any way to limit it (i.e. K.E.S.L.A.), they will continue to accumulate energy until their powers reach maximum. Although this gives them an insane boost in power and speed, their bodies can’t keep up with it and will eventually give out. If they try to push themselves not to pass out from fatigue, it could lead to possible permanent and/or lethal damage. Volt only deliberately uses this as an absolute last resort.
  • Overload traits:
    • Extreme speed boost
    • Extreme attack power boost
    • Direct electricity manipulation
  • Overload main abilities (Volt’s version):
    • Boost - Allows Volt to boost in a fashion similar to Sonic, with a focus more on power than speed.
    • Trace - Summons a single lightning bolt that tracks and strikes an enemy. Can fork off to hit multiple targets at once.
    • Burst - Blast identical to the K.E.S.L.A Bolt Rifle’s Multibolt (see Equipment), but with high attack power at long range. Can be used in rapid succession.
    • Deluge - Mid-range AOE. Blows back and stuns enemies with a massive, expanding pillar of electricity.
    • Barrage - Volt’s ultimate attack. Creates hundreds of high-intensity lightning bolts that strike around him for a short period of time, obliterating anything in range.
  • K.E.S.L.A (Kinetic Extraction System for Limiting Accretion) - Complex set of devices that allow Reactors to use their powers without the threat of Overload. Volt's version has  two components:
    • Siphons - A pair of mechanical bracelets that drain and store electric energy Volt produces. When fully charged, Volt can dispel the electricity gathered to either fuel his Unloaders, act as makeshift tasers, or create small blades of concentrated electricity for close-range combat.
    • Unloaders - Lightweight, triggerless blasters that use electricity stored in the Siphons as ammunition. The 8 modes can only be used with a full Siphon charge, which holds 72 base-power rounds of ammo. The rounds themselves are usually calibrated to be non-lethal, but carry striking power with the intense pain of a lightning strike, the degree of which varying by the blaster's mode.
      • Pistols - Dual-wielding pistols Volt keeps holstered at his hips--his primary weapon. Each one fires a short beam of lightning at base power (72 max ammo). Besides its main firing mode, it has two utility modes:
        • Whip/Grapple Shot - Fires a continuous beam of concentrated electricity that can be used either as a whip or a grapple. Uses 1/4 of a full charge.
        • Negator - Weak long-distance shot meant solely for charging or frying electrical equipment. Using only 1/16 of a round, it does almost no damage to any other target.
      • Rifle - Rifle blaster that Volt keeps holstered on his back. It has selective fire capabilities with 3 different modes:
        • Semi-auto
          • Default mode, fires a single beam of lightning per shot at 3x power of one round (24 max ammo).
        • Full-auto
          • Rapid fire mode that shoots similar beams to semi-auto, however at 2x power for more ammo capacity (36 max ammo).
        • Arcshot
          • Lightning buckshot that fires a wide-radius blast of fanned-out bolts at 9x power (8 max ammo). It does more damage up close, enough to completely blow away targets..
      • Striker - By adjusting the Bolt Rifle and attaching the Spark Pistols to it, it creates the most powerful form of K.E.S.L.A. This form has two modes:
        • Sharpshooter - Fires a single, quick, high-intensity beam of lightning at 24x power (3 max ammo). This mode is capable of hitting targets at extremely long distances, a successful shot typically being an OHKO.
        • Detonator - Fires a single beam that explodes into lightning bolts on contact. The beam itself is at 12x power (6 max ammo) not counting possible explosive damage.
  • Lightning fast reflexes
  • Situational and spatial awareness
  • Resourcefulness and improvisational skills
  • Calm demeanor
  • Mid-to-long-range combat
  • Robotic opponents/opponents with mechanical limbs (who are vulnerable to electric attacks)
  • Ion-rich areas (waterfalls, lakes, oceans, beaches, mountains, etc.)
  • Close-range combat
  • Low stamina due to constant K.E.S.L.A recharging
  • General inexperience with 1-on-1 confrontations
  • Limited mobility and slow charging of Striker mode
  • Chaotic tendencies
  • Fear of capture
  • Overload

Social information

Positive relations:
  • His parents
  • DVNz. Individual relations as follows:
    • Mirage: The annoying big sister and combat partner. They get on each others nerves all the time.
    • Overclock: Best friend who he spends the most time with. Almost like his real brother.
    • Alloy: Surrogate father. Volt feels indebted to him for both saving him and teaching him to survive.
Negative relations:
  • Military organizations (e.g. G.U.N.) and their agents (his natural enemy)
  • Corrupted politicians and businesses
  • Criminals


Sydney was born the only son to a young, high-middle class, newlywed couple who loved and cherished him dearly; it could easily be said that he had the perfect family. As a toddler, however, he developed a bizarre condition: if anyone tried to touch him while he was upset, they would get electrocuted and he would pass out. Day by day these episodes got worse, advancing from slight static shocks to visible sparks emitting from his body. Eventually, after numerous failed diagnoses from multiple doctors, G.U.N. caught wind of the peculiar child and issued a warrant for his capture to probe him as a test subject.

The tests they performed on Sydney were rigorous, painful, and very strenuous on his tiny body. He was kept in an isolation chamber, restrained and sedated to quiet his frequent cries for his parents. This treatment went on for months; it was enough for even a child his age to go insane.

Meanwhile during his captivity, his parents were visited by a middle-aged Mobian named Oskar, who introduced himself as a distant relative from Eurish. After a casual conversation, Oskar revealed the motive behind his visit: he was a professor and scientist from Spagonia University researching the Reactor gene, and has been tracing the lineage to find its carriers. His research led to him identifying the Ava household as the next and newest to produce a Reactor.

Although initially skeptical, the parents told Oskar about Sydney and his capture by G.U.N. Oskar, in turn, expressed concern, knowing the bad history between Reactors and the government. Moved by the parents’ fear for their child, Oskar identified himself as a fellow Reactor; by utilizing his powers, he could Sydney out of Area 99. However, in doing so, Sydney would become a fugitive in addition to a freak of nature, forced to abandon his comfortable lifestyle. Thus, Oskar claimed, he would have to adopt Sydney and train him alongside other Reactors to live with his powers. In exchange, Sydney’s parents would get to see their child one last time. Prioritizing their child's livelihood, the parents agreed.

After weeks of planning, Oskar was able to successfully break Sydney out of Area 99. A brief, tearful reunion ensued between Sydney and his parents, where they each said their goodbyes and left each other with one request: survive and remain free at all costs so they can one day be together again. Oskar took Sydney back with him to Eurish, to an underground sanctuary hidden deep within the mountains where Oskar housed the other 2 Reactors he gathered from different continents of Mobius.

In the weeks following Sydney’s arrival, Oskar ran simple, non-invasive tests on him and observed his interactions with the other Reactors. Before long, Oskar found the source of Sydney’s problem: the newest Reactor mutation produced kinetic energy faster than the body could keep up with, and when inadvertently triggered (e.g. by a child’s delicate emotions), would cause intense fatigue and fainting. Based on this information, Oskar went on to design and build with his nephew’s help the K.E.S.L.A. Siphons to act as limiters to Sydney’s powers.  

Sydney and the other young Reactors were subsequently home-schooled, trained, and raised by Oskar. Years later, Oskar offered them an opportunity to put their powers to use and become heroes. Young and naive, the Reactors enthusiastically accepted the offer. Each Reactor was assigned a role: Sydney was to be a marksman, sharpshooter, and spy. After years of training in marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, wilderness survival, espionage, and others, Sydney and the other Reactors formed a small vigilante gang called DVNz (pronounced “deviants”). Each member of the new gang was assigned a new codename, and Sydney took on the name “Volt”.  

In the 7 years since DVNz formed, Volt has continued to live underground as a vigilante. However, he currently works as a cashier for a local pizza restaurant ran by a friend of Oskar's by day under a new name: Jonas.

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