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General Rules of The Guild Empty General Rules of The Guild

Post by Electrisa on Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:19 pm

The Entrance:

1. Post filled in forms in their desired threads.
2. Applications CAN be turned down by staff.
3. You can use the ID card anywhere you want, but you can't edit it.
4. You can only submit up to 2 OCs to the Guild every month, no matter how many spots you receive from your heroes' ranks.

The Quest Board:

1. Only Guild members can sign up for quests and RP here!
2. However, all forum members can submit a quest.
3. Submit quests in separate threads.
4. Quests and their corresponding RPs can't be directly connected to canon events/items/characters. Canon locations can be used (such as Zones).
5. You may put in short IC responses when applying for a quest.
6. Once a quest RP/Plotting thread starts, please post a link to it in the original Quest thread.
7. The submitter doesn't have to take part in said RP.
8. Post order doesn't apply in the Main Hall since everyone can join and leave as they wish.
9. However you can't hog the thread with just one person. Be mindful of others.

The Training Dome:

1. Only Guild members can RP here!
2. The Training Dome is a place for interactions.
3. Same RPing rules as the Main Hall ones apply.
4. For fight RPs, create separate threads.
5. Specify if the RP is open or closed for other members.

The Headquarters

1. You may suggest changes of any aspect of the Guild! That includes the rules, addition/deletion of any part of it, graphic layout of the Guild, anything.
2. All suggestions MUST have a poll included!
3. For now, a poll must have at least 5 votes for the suggestion to be considered.

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