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Yeah... this is awkward... Empty Yeah... this is awkward...

Post by ThePromiseIncarnate on Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:50 pm

Alright, so you guys either don't know who I am or are thinking "wow, it's been a while since we've heard from you... what happened?"
I didn't get into any RP(well... technically one, but it doesn't count, because I immediately jumped out of it), and only submitted one character before poofing. To give the entire story may feel redundant, but at the same time, I can't excuse myself for what happened. And at the same time, I can't promise I can make up for it either - what I did wasn't inexcusable or downright awful, just kinda... awkward, I guess?

When I get to work on things, I really get to work on them. This project I had been working on had been going on for 10 years, through many versions, and even now I still don't see an end goal to it. Previously, this project was just a child's Sonic fan fiction, before I took a Freedom Planet approach and made it something original to be more my own. My friends and family have all helped and added to it in their own ways, either subtly or actually being part of my 'team', and in the end, I really enjoy this project that I now call, "Canon". 
At the time of my first joining this forum, I had a character known as Arcturus "Pyro" Telesis, or Pyro the Eagle, a young eagle/phoenix with fire-based powers. As usual, I gave someone the character to look over it and see how they felt, due to the fact I was new to this forum and it had been so long since I did a Sonic RP that I wanted to know if my character was acceptable, and at the same time I was surprised that a review wasn't necessary to even RP with the character I added. When I saw the response to the character, I wouldn't say I was upset - I DID work on Pyro and had planned to actually send a revised version to the site. I'd like to think I take criticism well... but then something hit me. It clicked:
Pyro as a very concept and character is cliched and flawed, and I felt that no matter what I did, I couldn't fix him. 
And... it felt awkward to come to that conclusion. After so long, I had him over such a long time that I grew overly attached to him and it did feel a little weird that even after all that time he still wasn't at a point I felt I could allow myself to use in an RP forum like this.
I made another character, known as "Ash"(basically a revamped version of the character with new abilities, altered backstory, and personality to compensate for the changes. Could be called an entirely new character, but he was still Pyro to me) before I eventually handed him off to one of my online friends, a person now going by the name Rubin. This is something I never thought I would do - give away Pyro, or even a variation of him.

In the meantime, another friend of mine and myself continued working on the Canon on-and-off before we decided to take a break due to that constant working on the Canon. Another character named Ace, a more recent character that was created alongside the version of Pyro I had sent to this site before going through their own changes got another set of changes during this time. I turned them into my 'main', just as Pyro once was, and I wanted to make changes that would better suit that. Increasing their abilities, splicing the original Pyro's character into her since he was your typical protagonist character and it made sense to me at the time, and in the end I came out with an awkward mess that had I shoved it through the Mary Sue test probably would have come out positive fifty times over - an overly edgy, overly cocky, overpowered female wolf with nanomachines, the superpowered sword she made called the RailBlade, and like three of these superpowered crystals in her disposal that I at the time called Feignite Crystals which would allow her control over Electricity(you know, the main element of her sword but also her main weakness), Metal(making almost all of her abilities unstoppable due to metal being used in every single one of them), and you know... TIME. In response... that friend who had been working with Canon with me, named James, wasn't so sure about it. Due to some suggestions he had, I had to keep working and rewriting Ace until I finally hit a new revelation. And then there were two. Alongside an old version of Ace's sister, Bonnie, who became a younger sister instead of a twin, there was now an older sister Victoria, and the two characters created from a split off of "Ace", now known as Jackie "Ace" Winchester and Jack Winchester, both their own characters in their own right, but coming off of Ace as I had planned them for the new main character and also influenced by James' suggestions.

Now what does ANY OF THIS do with leaving? Why, why did I explain this?
Well... this kinda stuff takes time, and along with school, and eventually... a lot of family drama that eventually led to my entire family getting kicked out of our own home after 48 years of living there(Still currently homeless, just decided to take some time since we've been using library computers for things to finally say this after so long), I guess I kinda forgot about this site... or something?
Like, I always intended to use this forum for RPing, it's probably the only respectable Sonic RP place I know of that is active and that I haven't been banned from due to stupidity or drama from when I was younger, but at the same time, we all know this, and I can't be blamed for life getting in the way of things. Like, my problem wasn't that I just disappeared, I just disappeared without the little note saying "Hey, I'm about to disappear" that this section of the forum is intended for. I was afraid that I was going to get banned due to inactivity after so long... and to be honest, I'm surprised that didn't happen. I should really read the rules - is that a rule? I forgot, it's been that long. 
Still, now that this is out of the way, I just want to say that the Canon in its current form is doing REALLY WELL and I have enjoyed working on it and I think I have characters that I would like to put into the forum - namely, the Winchesters: Ace, Jack, Bonnie, and Victoria. No more unnecessarily edgy parent murdering and overused fire powers, and also no more overused blocks of text explaining said fire powers. 
Once my family gets and house, at least. And then I'll be looking for a job... remember when I said "I can't promise I can make it up", well, this is what I meant - this leaving is indefinite until I find the time to use an RP forum like this. 

I initially wanted to join this forum because I missed Sonic RPing... about a year or so later, and I still haven't done any Sonic RPing.

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