Paige Virbeck

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Paige Virbeck

Post by dreamharp79 on Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:08 pm

Name: Paige Virbeck
Age: 14
Species: Ferret
Gender: Female
Occupation: Adventurer

Appearance: Paige is a ferret with jade green fur. Her similarly colored hair reached down to just past her shoulders and bound together by a pearl scrunchy at the end of the waterfall of green. Near the tips of her hair, it turned into a teal color like a brush dipped into paint. Her hands and feet are white, just like her belly and chest fluff which reaches all the way to her chin. The young girl's eyes were an amber yellow and her muzzle was a bushy white. Paige's regular outfit exists of a plain baby blue t-shirt and a white mini-skirt. Her hands were clad in azure and black fingerless climbing gloves and her shoes were beige climbing boots. Despite her youth, Paige is tall for a ferret mobian, standing at 3'1, and is lanky as a result.

Personality traits

-Magical artifacts
-Sour Candy

-Chalk boards
-Nosy people
-Being forced in formal situations

Paige is a very curious individual, which she practically inherited from her family's historian roots. Her family's dealing in ancient relics has also given her knack for finding details. Yet, she is not very social. Although Paige may try to put up a tough and mysterious personality, her reclusive upbringing has left her with pretty bad social skills. She's not some lone wolf, she's actually just quiet, bashful, and cautious of other people. This also causes the girl to be sometimes too trusting or too suspicious of others. It takes a while for someone to be considered a real friend by Paige and when they are, she'll still feel somewhat awkward around them. This also leads to majority insecurity around strangers and even new friends as she never opened up to anyone nt family.

When in the heat of battle, though, Paige is no pacifist or bystander. Although her inexperience means she would not be the first one to charge into battle, she certainly won't be the last. Her headstrong personality is both her strongest and weakest point. Paige has a very strong conviction when push comes to shove, but she does not have the strength to back such pride up. This makes it easy for her to get herself in trouble that she might need bailed out of.

Combat traits

Latent Potential: Due to her long-term exposure to various conflicting magical relics imbued with preserved elemental power, Paige is able to manifest some sort of mutated semi-inert energy. It is barely resisted by anything but is weak, very taxing to cast, and cannot be maintained. The energy can be refined into a more stable element, but whatever element she can successfully evoke is the one she is stuck with now and forever.
-Combat Skills: Paige has basic combat experience.
-"Elemental" Imbuement: Paige can empower her weapon with her null element to give it a little more sting.
-Fear No Mobian: Either to her headstrong nature or her magical mutation, Paige has an edge over magical fear

-Chaotic Mutation: Due to her null elemental powers, she is weak to all elemental magic until she successfully picks a real element to manifest
-Very Mortal: Paige is physically frail compared to even other Mobians her age. She can take a few hits but there's rarely a fight she's walking away from scratch-free.
-Range: Paige's choice of weapons tend to be very stubby when it comes how far it reaches and to add insult to injury, her null-elemental powers immediately fizzle away if she gets farther than seven from the spell.

Social information

Positive relations
-Aislynn: Airheaded Mother
-Dennis: Hardworking Father

Negative relations

-Felisa: School Bully
-Agatha: Overprotective Aunt
Paige comes from a pair of loving parents as an only child. They lived in a lonely mountain range, looking for a rumored cache of magical relics that were gathered by a cabal of ancient magicians of unknown origins. It was from most civilizations, and thus Paige grew up most of her life as a lone child with only her parents and occasionally a few associates or benefactors showing interest in her parents' work.

At the age of two, her parents finally struck gold. Aislynn and Dennis Virbeck found a small chest containing minor elemental objects. Unfortunately, due to their distance, it was hard and expensive to contact those who were funding the research. As such, the artifacts were stored in the room that had the most space, Paige's bedroom. Being exposed to all that conflicting elemental magic over a decade and at such a young age, it was no surprise that Paige developed magical abilities. However, due to all these elements leaving an imprint on her, Paige had a stable, yet somewhat faint elemental power her parents deemed "null" once they found out. It was not pure magical force, but the outcome of trying to force it all back together. Despite the benign magical mutation, her parents hated to see that their work has impacted their daughter's growth. After much debating, Dennis convinced Aislynn to send Paige off to live with her aunt Agatha by the outskirts of Station Square at the age of 13.

The following year of Paige was boring. School just went over what was already learned at a younger age from her parents and the other kids seemed like they wanted to do nothing with her. Well, except one. A cat bully, named Felisa, who found Paige's timid and silent nature for her to be an easy target. During an after-school assault which stemmed from Paige threatening Felisa, the ferret accidentally unleashes her power at her point-black, hurting her quite a bit.

Upon hearing about this, Agatha became fearful of Paige's power and the young girl's safety. In response to her overbearing aunt, Paige said her goodbyes before running away from her. While she was disappointed with Paige's actions, the older ferret could not help but somewhat agree that her niece needed to go on a journey of self-discovery. Paige, with only a makeshift club and shield in hand, set off on an adventure to see just where her journey will take her.

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