H.R.C records 2 - questionable path.

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H.R.C records  2 - questionable path.  Empty H.R.C records 2 - questionable path.

Post by Shrike Marine on Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:40 pm

-A camera is seen showing a chair, a few seconds on a man wearing a black lab coat is seen pacing up and down a few times before sitting in the chair, his face showing slight concern, he looks at the camera for a moment before speaking.-

"This is the data recording log of Project E.C.H.O chief field tester Dr Samuel Hendrick, the time is 12:am, 6 months since previous log. Where do I even begin well I guess a lot has passed over the 6 months, some of it just skeptical other held progress...let me just start at the beginning, I'v been working my ass off over the last  months, it's almost been non stop and with no increase in helping staff most of us are having to work over time now. 

I'll get back to the serious work over flow later, in more of a positive light the newer Variant 6 prototype soldiers have just recently been ship to us from the E.C.H.O compound located just out side of Dowunda. While this is only the first few soldiers they are giving us it is insight in the future of these troopers. 

Before Replicant soldiers had only one type I believe why this was the case was simply the Variant 5 were test beds for Project synchronicity and linking them with the commander, sure enough they did there job but they were just not varied enough to handle different roles.  That has changed now, the Variant 6 now will be trained/ programmed with various roles in mind and separated in units called "Elements" these "elements" will be responsible for different tasks.

I estimate that we will have a full 1500 fully operational variant 6 Replicant soldiers by the end of the year. The Variant 6 have also proven far more stable then their previous counterparts they have exhibited no signs of malfunction as of yet and seem to operate more effectively. 

Then we get to the new commander who has now fully replaced the previous one, what has happened to him or where he has been taken to is apparently "classified" this entire project is flying under the radar it is but the whole security lock down is severely tight. 

Subject 232 or the name we refer to is Primus has been outstanding so far in the regard of her telepathic power output, it has completely surpassed that of the previous commander by a long shot.

 The log I got from them stated that she was of Military origin having served in the ranks of G.U.N forces. Her track record stated that even at a young age her parents noted her different from the rest, some even said when she got angry every one in the room would instantly get a headache. 

Indeed from the results we have seen this Mobian wolf is extremely potent in her telestatic output, However even at this potent stage they have performed numerous telestatic amplifications to her to further boost her power. The greater the power the further she can control them. I am however against this practice, we all knew what happened to the previous commander when they amplified him to much. Do they think that because she is naturally powerful in telepathic powers that she will be immune to such a energy increase.

To be honest I am having a bad feeling about this, for now tho she seems stable, for how long I am not sure. She has however proven herself to be a great combatant, unlike the previous commander she leads her soldiers out in the field. In fact we witnessed just how powerful she is becoming, she was able to take apart a test dummy with nothing but her mind, all she did was look at it for a short period of time and it fell apart.

It was concluded her telepathic powers are growing to the point where she is possibly able to use her power to actually counter enemies, however after attempting the feat it seemed to of left her drained of stamina. 

I Still have my doubts and complains about this project, I don't feel I am being informed enough to perform my job correctly. The information I am getting is extremely limited and sketchy at best, every thing from details to origin of location. It's almost like they don't want me to see it. 

Any way I must look at this as just the hard work it takes to make the future a safer place, I guess in the end this will all be worth it, H.R.C is expanding a lot now with all this progress with various projects we are working on the funds are building us up more and more, I recently heard of a newer project being developed some where near the outskirts of station square.

Something called ArkGate, supposedly to do with teleportation research development or something along those lines, any way I am really needing sleep been at it now and I feel like work is only going to intensify. 
This is Dr Samuel Hendrick, H.R.C chief field tester of Project E.C.H.O signing off."'

Camera switches off.-
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