A heart filled with Ice

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A heart filled with Ice Empty A heart filled with Ice

Post by ForevaYoung on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:50 pm

It was dark. Real dark.
A flash of light seemingly zigzagged through the sky, and with the momentary second of sight, a lone figure was spotted in the distance. As judged by the panting and strained grunts that floated over the winds, the figure was undoubtedly female. 

An icy cold air whipped through the area that would normally send chills through any whom were out in the harsher weather, but not this female. An echoed boom rippled shortly before another bright flash lit up the heavens as if it were day time. Getting closer to this mysterious feminine figure, it became apparent that she was doing some form of exercise or training. If one were to catch a glimpse of her hands, they would not see hands, but instead glittering sharp claws that covered the appendages from finger-tip to elbow as they struck a lone tree repeatedly, each blow slowly getting more powerful and deadly. Dark black locks of hair were loose and flowing freely in the harsh weather almost as if it were dancing to a song only it could hear. If anyone saw this figure in the darkness they would surely question her sanity for being outside in such crazy weather.

"Come. On." A quiet, but aggravated voice suddenly escaped from the lone females mouth in a tired pant. "Father...wouldn't stand...for you...to not be... training!"

The last word came out angrier and louder than the rest of her interrupted sentence as she struck the tree she was using as a punching bag for the past hour harder than before, accidentally hitting it at the wrong angle and driving her claw covered hand right into the center of the thick trunk. An audible growl rumbled in her throat as she bared her teeth to the tree in irritation.

"Great..." She experimented the depth in which her hand was stuck in the wooden depths with a slight wiggle, only to find her hand point blank refused to move from its new temporary home. The trunk itself groaned at the constant movement inside the aged bark, but still would not let her hand go free.

The female closed her unusually furious amber coloured eyes in concentration as she focused on her hand. Then, the claws and 'glove' around her stuck hand slowly began to melt away into a glittering liquid and floated away in the high winds still going on around her. With her now free hand in full view it was shown as a pure white paw that quickly faded into a violet hue just above the wrist. She glared at the limb as if it didn't belong to her. With her ears folded back she turned her back to the tree and leaned against it, expression softening to that of sadness. She raised her still covered hand to her face and looked at her reflection on the sharp crystal-like structures before slowly closing her eyes again to focus on making it also 'melt' away.

She had been outside all night in the eye of the winter storm. It was what she felt was necessary after all, it was their anniversary. If they were still here anyway. Her orange eyes drifted from her hand up to the now gradually lightening sky and slowly filled with tears.

"Mother... Father... I miss you." She whispered to herself. "I'm so alone... so scared...its been three years and it doesn't get any easier... knowing you're not here..."

The surrounding frost coated plain that was beaten and battered from the raging storm last night was filled with the soft sobs and sniffles of the lonely female as the sun began to show its first morning rays. As the light fell into her eyes she looked up to push her black bangs out of her face before falling silent to watch the lingering effect of her sadness melt away to nothing.

Her violet fur glistened and shone softly with the remnants of the melted ice that stuck to her as she fell silent and merely watched the glittering coat that covered everything melt away harmlessly, as if it were never there to begin with.

She absentmindedly adjusted the large yellow collar of her sleeveless top to sit correctly before slipping her white and baby blue trainers back on. It was a strange thing for her. Whenever she needed to release her sadness, she just had to take her shoes off. Even outside in the blistering cold - that she made mind you - as the feeling for restraint irritated her and made her powers a little more unpredictable and unstable. As long as nobody ever came to this place she could freely let her abilities go as crazy as they wanted, and by the morning the remains would simply melt into the ground.
Yukiko Crescent nodded to herself in confirmation. Yeah, nobody would be any wiser.

Slipping her black fingerless gloves back on like they should be, she hoisted herself up to her feet to get ready to head home. She had work in a couple of hours and she couldn't show up looking like a barbaric ice monster, could she?

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