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Large felines (mostly tigers, occasionally a lynx, lion, mountain lion or jaguar)
The Kaah-Ni blood bending tribe had originally one place where they lived: the larger island in the sea between the Emerald Sea and the Lethal Radio Active zone (red circle (sea) and square (island)):
Kaah-Ni blood benders Map10

The Kaah-Ni tribe is an ancient tribe of blood benders. The very first blood benders of this tribe were nomads traveling across the land when they arrived at the sea, north-west of the islands. They set up camp and stayed there for some time. When they were packing to leave again, one of them spotted an island in the distance. After a few minutes of deliberation they decided to travel across the sea to see what the island was.
After a long time of travelling they finally reached the islands. The nomads discovered that there were two islands, a larger and a smaller one. They decided to go explore the larger one and built a raft to sail to the island.
Fast forward thirty years. The first few blood benders had settled down on the island and made it their home. The word of the new tribe started to spread through the land. More and more nomads travelled to the island and brought more knowledge with them. Their community started to develop in skill, technology and warfare. After twenty years of building on their tribe, they elected a leader whom was called Rotu Wendat. Rotu was 27 years old when he got elected. He gave the tribe its name: Kaah-Ni. At that moment the tribe consisted of 24 people. Over time the tribe kept growing and after thirty years of prosperity it consisted of 106 people. Some were born from the tribe itself and some were more nomads who decided to join it for a secure home and a loving surrounding.
When Rotu Wendat was 38, he had set up a law which made all blood benders age 7+ train fighting and strategy. This made sure that they had a good defence if they were ever to be attacked by other tribes or clans. Rotu passed away when he was 68. The new leader’s name was forgotten over time, but what was remembered was his way of warfare. He had his own strategy which seemed to work out very well. Instead of attacking immediately, he gathered all nomads first and made sure they knew how to properly use their bending in a fight. When the nomads were trained properly, he’d send his army and the nomads to the tribe or clan he wanted to attack and started the war. Most battles were won and the tribe kept growing. Forty years into the new leader’s reign the tribe consisted of 1000 benders and 250 non-benders.
112 years after the first nomads had set foot on the island, the tribe was too big to stay in one place. It split up into four smaller groups who all went their own way. One of the groups stayed on the island. One went east. Unfortunately, nothing was ever heard of them again. The other two groups went west and settled down in the desert and the connecting part of land between the eastern and western continent (purple and blue circles on the map).
From that point on, the Kaah-Ni tribe was no more. It had spread over the continents and the people of the tribe were slowly losing the memories of their origins.
Nowadays blood benders live everywhere amongst other Mobians. There still are some gatherings here and there where the benders come together and share their knowledge but those meetings are rare.
Characteristics of a Kaah-Ni blood bender
Most blood benders’ ancestors were once Kaah-Ni blood benders. The Kaah-Ni had a certain way of living which gave them the characteristics they still have now. The following are in every blood bender:
-         The species of the blood bender is from the feline family
-         The blood bender has a shade of red in either their fur or eyes. This can differ from neon red to the dark colour of blood (either in the iris, fur or both)
-         The blood bender has green scleras 
-         The male blood bender naturally has a more muscular build

-         The female blood bender naturally has a more athletic and slim build

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