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Post by Guest on Tue May 03, 2016 7:15 pm

I know I just came back and all, but see, this entire time I've beens using a computer distributed by the school, so I can't keep it.  If I'm able to come back I will, but for the record...I don't want to forget all of you, I don't want to forget about everyone I met on here, I don't want to move on from this site...but I have to...I know I haven't been the best person to talk to or even the best person at all, but I have my reasons that I can't explain...I wish I could but I can't...again...I don't want to forget you all...but if you never see me again...then this is why, I don't have a computer of my own...I wish I did but my family is so safety prone that they can't trust me with owning anything! Not even GTA5! (Although I understand why, I'm a sophomore in high school for god's sake.)  I know that some of you will forget me in a flash...but just know...I had a blast on here, I mean it...I don't mean to sound sad, except I really do, but by the week after this is posted, I won't have my own little world anymore...This is goodbye...hopefully not forever...  Crying or Very sad

I don't want to say goodbye...

But one day...this song will stand for something, not that it doesn't already...

I'm really torn by this...there's no denying it anymore...


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Goodbye     Empty Re: Goodbye

Post by Guest on Sun May 15, 2016 1:12 am

I had an epiphany, if I could add you people on PS4 and PS3, I could still communicate with you all, kind of like a skype chat only not on skype. 

Here are my names for each console:

PS3: notsofamous12

PS4: Ricker106

Just send a friend request to both of these accounts and a message proving who you are and I'll add you. Very Happy


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