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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:00 pm

Name: Kyle Chameleon
Age: 15
Species: Chameleon
Occupation: Sophomore in high school

Appearance: Grey hoodie, brown pants, plain black shoes, blue skin although chameleons can change color, yellow eyes, a horn for a nose that is about 2 in' long and pointing upwards, long tail that curves at the end, during school hours he wears a burgundy backpack.

Personality: Wants nothing in life but death, outgoing but not, emotional but not, healthy but not, wants to be alone but doesn't, etc.

Likes: Unknown even to him.

Dislikes: Knowing that death can never happen for him, waking up and realizing he's still alive, not knowing why he bothers trying in life.

Unique Ability: Unable to truly die, meaning if Kyle was to get smacked in the skull with a rock and died from it, he would come back fully healed in about 10 minutes, despite this he still remembers the pain of death.


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