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My View on Sonic X Empty My View on Sonic X

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:14 pm

Sonic X, or as I like to call it 'The Only Reason We Know About Sonic the Hedgehog' The show.  This show is quite possibly the most well known Sonic TV show in the world that's still good in modern standards, but looking back at it, sweet heavenly gods that show lord...let me explain

Basically the show revolves around, who else?, Sonic and his friends.  One reason people remember this show is because of the Thorndyke family, not because of Chris but because of the other family members, the maid, the butler, the grandpa, and the parents who practically have nothing to do with the plot of the story.  But who cares about these people? I mean, I came to watch Sonic smash robots not to see Chris' character development, but aside from that my wish was granted, Sonic did smash robots and lots of them, but as the series went on something

That something was the overly used Sonamy within the show.  Now this is also another reason why people remember this show, Sonamy, I cannot believe how many people actually tune in JUST to see what Sonic will do with Amy, to be honest I think SEGA didn't mind because the show didn't really reveal his true feelings for her, unless you compare different dubs in which case it gets incredibly confusing.

The last reason people remember this show is because of Cosmo the Seedrian, I honestly don't know how to describe her so just go to the Sonic Wiki for information.  Tails is madly in love with this extraterrestrial being and might start a fan war between Tails X Cream and Tailsmo.  The point is Cosmo was an incredibly likeable character and I think she felt the same way about Tails, only the brilliant executives of the show decided to kill her off in the 2nd to last episode of the show.  See...when you purposely 'kill' a beloved character that has a huge cult following, you now you're probably going to get sued because people went insane over this, and I mean they LOST it, dear lord.

Now onto what's wrong with this show, to simplify I've made a bulletin list:

  • It uses plots from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 and Sonic Battle
  • Shadow's backstory is the same as in Sonic Adventure 2
  • Chris, Cream, Tails and Cosmo are the ONLY characters that have character development that is visible throughout the show.
  • Sonamy is in every. Single. Episode.
  • They sexualize Rouge in more ways than you thought.
  • Amy is a complete idiot when it comes to Sonic, if you've seen the episode when they were in the haunted house you would know what I mean,
  • The Chaotix don't have any relavance until they try to hook Tails up with Cosmo.
  • The theme song is catchy but you start to despise it after a while.
  • Half of the 2nd season is Sonic Adventure 2 with the Thorndykes thrown in.
  • Knuckles is gullible beyond compare.
  • Sonic is a complete and total a**hole in most episodes.
  • Eggman is sinister, but to full of himself to notice his flaws, ya know like every cartoon villain ever.
  • The lore is rich.
  • They killed Cosmo, I can't stress this enough.
  • Bokkun has no relevance to the plot when you think about it.
  • When there is an original idea in the episode, it usually makes me want hurt someone because of how cringeworthy it was.
  • Cream has a crush on Tails but this has no relevance to the plot.
  • No one knows anyones age!

To put it simply, this show is awesome but has many flaws that we tend to ignore, trust me, you noticed right?


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My View on Sonic X Empty Re: My View on Sonic X

Post by Dregan on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:43 pm

Ricker wrote:'The Only Reason We Know About Sonic the Hedgehog

You realise Sonic was goddamn huge before Sonic X came along right? Like, we're talking 'literally the mascot of Sega who was considered a legitimate challenge to the reign of Mario in the gaming world for multiple years'. I apologise if it's because you're a bit younger and therefore grew up on the cartoon and that's how you yourself became aware, but Sonic was goddamn huge even before the cartoon came along. I would agree that it's potentially the most well-known Sonic cartoon currently, but it's definitely not what introduced the world at large to the blue blur.

Though disregarding that, I will say you take a very interesting viewpoint. I admit to disagreeing on a number of segments as to why people remember the show - I'll be honest, I genuinely forgot myself that Chris even had an extended family. Not due to liking Chris in any way, it's more a case I remember him because he's one of the continued factors bought up about the show, often to discredit it, whereas it seems the rest of the family recieves... little mainstream mention. Unfortunately, the reason people remember things aren't neccesarily always because of the positives.
Same with the Sonamy stuff, I didn't personally realise it was any heavier in Sonic X than it was in any other Sonic stuff. Well... perhaps it was, although I'd perhaps largely put that down to the format. In games and such, you tend not to spend a lot of time getting to know your characters all that closely or interpersonally. In cartoons though, you see a lot more of their actual lives - therefore, things like Sonamy do wind up becoming surprisingly more prevalent. Still, I think you're the first person I've spoken to to take note of it's heavy presence in the series - certainly the first time I've heard the idea of people watching the show literally just to see that.

One thing I will agree on is Cosmo, I'd say she's arguably the single most noteworthy thing to come from the series, at least in a positive light. For a show that got as much flak as it did, it's amazing it managed to pull out a character who garnered such universal appraise. To the point she's basically transcending Sonic X into just generally being considered a 'cool Sonic character' - something no other Sonic X original character seems to've achieved.

As for the faults, well...
I don't see borrowing plots as an issue - I especially don't see an issue with them giving Shadow the same backstory. I mean, the backstory is so extremely fundamental to the character, it would be bizarre to change it. If you go as far as to change that, you may as well replace the character altogether. And believe me, fans wouldn't ever let them get away with not using Shadow.
Besides, comics and cartoons borrowing game stories is standard fare. Hell, most cross-media stuff does that. Take for example the Marvel movies - half of their plots are essentially alternate-world retellings of stories from the comics. And you know what? They're still fantastic movies. I'm definitely looking forward to how they approach Civil War.
Borrowing the plots isn't really a bad thing. It only becomes an issue when they literally follow them note-for-note, as opposed to trying to tackle the same plots in their own way.

I will agree the lack of visible character development is an issue. If it was a simple 'robot-a-day' series as it seemed like it might be when it started out, that wouldn't be much of an issue. Unfortunately, it tried to present itself as much more, which can become quite a detriment when staticness inflicts the majority of your cast.

Sonamy every episode would've been less of an issue if it wasn't handled so badly. Although, noting your further-down point of Amy constantly being an idiot when it comes to Sonic... yeah. Yeah, I fully agree, but I'd say this isn't an issue with just Sonic X, but rather with the Sonic series as a whole. The often-times portrayal of Amy and her infatuation with Sonic is just... terrible. It's been going on for years now and it is one of the most annoying aspects of Sonic as a whole.

In terms of portrayal, skipping down a few of your points, the way they do Knuckles in this show is... bad. Real bad. Like, I blame it in large for a lot of the recent disdain certain fans have had towards Knuckles. In the games, the guy has been tricked once or twice. He's spent most of his life on an island on his own - he's understandably kind of naieve.
In the show though he'd fall for basically everything. His role in the show was 'be dumb' essentially. I really feel it shaped and kinda ruined the modern perception of the character, and gaaawd I hate it.

However, there are a few more of your 'negatives' here I kind of disagree with them as being... well, actual negatives.
Bokkun not relevant to the plot? That's fine, sometimes you have characters who aren't, especially in a tv or cartoon series. Sometimes a character is just there to be a character, and the purpose they serve is to add more life to a series, rather than to just run it along on rails.
Same thing with Cream's crush on Tails. Okay, it may have no relevancy to the plot, but so what? Tails being born with two tails has never had real plot relevance, so you could always cut one of those off. Sonic being easy-going isn't really plot relevant, so he doesn't need to keep doing that. You see what I'm getting at? Sometimes, you just have these things because they give depth to the characters themselves. Cream doesn't have to have a crush to serve some great higher purpose - sometimes, people just have crushes. And the thing you want most of all, is for your characters to be people.
Killing Cosmo? Ooooh, that's an interesting one. Because honestly? I think from an emotional writing standpoint, it was a great idea. I mean, you're right, she was beloved - that's why it was impactful. There's no point killing characters who's deaths would hold no impact - the point is to make you invested by making you upset. And it's not like we truly lost the character from that - I mean, the series ended right afterwards. Even if she'd survived, there'd still be no new episodes with her, because there are no new episodes full stop. However, in those last couple of episodes, they allowed her character to serve a purpose in her death, and that means so much more from a writing standpoint than letting them live because they're popular.

The last thing... this is one I'd like you to explain. What exactly do you mean by 'The lore is rich'? And why is that a bad thing? Because in most circumstances, well... a rich lore is considered to be a positive trait in a show.

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My View on Sonic X Empty Re: My View on Sonic X

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:06 pm

Thank you for your opinion Dregan, I actually forgot about some of the things you said because that's how 'forgettable' most of the show is, in short, most people only remember it because of Chris and Cosmo.


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Post by Guest on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:04 pm

Also regarding the rich lore thing, I'm talking about how some planets and Meterax and other things that seem to turn a few heads in terms of lore. That's what I mean, in season 3 no one seems to care about why the planets are the way they are except for, 'the Meterax did it'. And while that is a liable excuse how can ONE civilization of robotic creatures that are probably built from scrap take over an ENTIRE galaxy within a matter of...whatever time is in Sonic X.  Another thing is Bokkun himself, no one seems to care about him anyway, hence me saying he's irrelevant to the plot, I mean he has a crush on someone but who? What is a Bokkun? Did Eggman build Bokkun? Why is know what forget it, Bokkun is Bokkun and that's how the show wanted it to be.


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Post by Spekkal on Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:02 pm

Moved to the correct section of the forum, that being, well, Sonic discussion.

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