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Post by Sayo-the-merc on Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:44 am

Various governments will try to find ways to either jump through loopholes or do whatever it takes to get something. When the military isn't enough, its time to bring in the big guns...

Accessing database....

Organization: PlanT

Profession: Private Military Company

Within PlanT, there are various PMCs, dubbed as agents, that are for hire.  Each agent has a number rank that allows them to access different level of contracts. Contracts, or missions, are letter ranked as follows:

D rank: Security
C rank: Domestic crime patrol
B rank: International crime patrol
A rank: Espionage
S rank: Black Ops, accessible to Rank 3 to 0 agents only

Funding: Unknown, most likely through their missions

Founder: Classified

Purpose:  Knowing that there are people and governments out there that will do whatever it takes to get want they want, PlanT PMCs are hired to make sure that certain missions get done. Thanks to mission funding, PlanT has expanded overseas and now have specialized areas in their ranks.

Accessing Plant private server......

Access denied.

Warning! Systems are being traced.

System shutdown in 3...



(More information on PlanT will be revealed later when my brain wants to get going again XD)
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