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Post by Envy the Jealous on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:04 pm

(I only have a few minutes so I'll make this short, this is only an idea and if it comes to light I will most likely put this in the Para Roleplays section or non-canon section.)

It has been 7 years since the Nexian cat has landed. Now his destiny is fulfilled, with his sword at hand, he breaks the seals.

The barriers are broken! Darkedge has won! This world will burn!
Heroes rise now! Or stay in the depths of a new world that will fall under a tyrant rule!

This roleplay is meant to exist as a peak of Envy's story, and if this site is going to die, there is going to be a roleplay to finish with the sites canon, or if the site continues, I guess this will end with the victory of Mobius

Story: The world of Nexi has waited long enough, Darkedge controls Envy to break the barrier denying any of the Nexian siege portals from existing on this mortal coil. Nexian portals, As time goes on, small portals open one by one in remote locatons, being overrun and unheard from, then they start appearing in big populated places. The skies scream and go red,

Notes: I will explain more at the actual roleplay. But for now, whether you want to be a character who uses the sieges to further their own agendas, or a hero who stops them, or anything in-between, go ahead, I encourage that there be a multitude of both, since that can make for some sky-splitting encounters.

Thanks to the amazing Uncanny-Illustrator for the adorable avatar! 
Character: Envy.

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