The parallel mountains

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The parallel mountains

Post by Insanitorium9 on Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:04 am

READ THIS:(This was inspired by the new game Kholat, but is NOT a cross-over, a cross-over will be with plots, characters, locations, and etc.)

The mobian stared down the mountains looking wildly around the path. He had been wondering, how had he gotten here, where is "here", and what is "it"? He knew these questions did not matter at the moment and that he needed help, but all he could see was a landscape of mountains. The mobian shivered and rubbed his hands together to keep warmth and started to move along the path again, but as he got up something breathed on his neck. "How?" he thought to himself, there was no footsteps he had heard, no signs of it approaching, not even a change of the current of the wind, he could not even hear it breathe. The anomaly reached it's hand out from behind him, revealing a partly-transparently, shadowy black hand with spikes as fingers, with what looked like a flaming aura shown through the arm. T.he morbian shook rapidly from both the cold and the spin-chilling fear, as he started to turn his head slowly behind him. The morbian screamed as it stared into his soul...

Thank you for reading my post, this came from the top of my head, I been watching a lot of stuff about the new horror game "Kholat" make sure to check it out on steam, I heard that the game itself is amazing, "Now THIS is How You Horror" quoted as the title of a YouTube video by Jim Sterling (just as an example). The game is based off a real mysterious event involving the death of nine Russian hikers, the incident left many people to theories of what could have happened to the hikers. The sound track of this game is BEAUTIFUL, some of the best game music, which is very unlikely to me for a horror game.

Let me know if you want to know more about the rp idea, like I said this was only inspired by Kholat, not a crossover of it. I will take this post down if an administrator thinks otherwise though.
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