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Free (Hacked) Pokemon giveaway Empty Free (Hacked) Pokemon giveaway

Post by -Karma- on Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:37 am


Well after a few months and lots of game crashes i managed to repeatedly hack a bunch of pokemon into my game. These were from tutorials on youtube like pokegen and other sources. I know right, sounds like a bunch of Free (Hacked) Pokemon giveaway Hoopa_by_krocf4-d6sjfgm . Despite the bad pun aside, I'm literally here to just give away hacked pokemon. These are usually unobtainable legendaries and other stuff like shiny arceus to shiny hoopa.
Post your friend code down there and the legendary pokemon you want.
Remember these are hacked pokemon so they probably won't be able to be used competitively.
Post away! (Reminder, this is for people who have X/Y and Oras)

Please use this Format:

Friend Code:
Pokemon You want:
Favorite Color:

(Sprite from Bulbapedia)
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