Diablo: The Artificial Perfectionist (REVAMP)

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Diablo: The Artificial Perfectionist (REVAMP) Empty Diablo: The Artificial Perfectionist (REVAMP)

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Name: Diablo Incar Krey
Age: 38
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Occupation: Self Employed Scientist.

A Hedgehog with all black fur, his spines flow backwards and appear very long, reaching his lower back, along with his orange eyes, there is a unexplained jewel upon his forehead. He is a rather stocky mobian, standing just a bit shorter than average, he is often seen in either a white or black lab coat along with his white gloves and black dress pants, held loosely by a belt. He is also seen sporting a pair of glasses that are far too small for his mobian eyes.

(Working on Finding it)

Personality traits

-Alone Time

-Natural People
-Loud Noises

Diablo is a shut away. He spends all his time alone in his personal lab, doing work for clients to keep himself afloat. He despises one to one conversation and will often become snappy and harsh in any type of normal conversation. He is however, perfectly content with being alone and interaction with his "creations."

Combat traits

Diablo himself possess no powers.

-Incredible IQ
-Use of Artificial Life to command.

-Negotiation Skills

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations



Diablo is a scientist specializing in Artificial Life. He runs a black market business in which he creates an artificial life form with the use of uninhabited bodies. This is however not just limited, he is able to take an essence of a once living person, and extract it into a body, in order to perform a reincarnation of sorts. He does this to earn money to keep doing it again and again, it is unknown to Diablo what his clients do with said life forms. Diablo himself uses them for his own personal gain, using them as "friends" or even using them as servants to him. He is corrupted in the fact that he believes natural mobian life is pointless in comparison to his creations, however, is too cowardly to take action...unless anyone gets to close to his location.


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