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Rapha the Wolf ^-^ Empty Rapha the Wolf ^-^

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:03 pm

Name: Rapha 
Nickname: -
Age: 15 
Species: Wolf
Gender: male
Occupation: Artist (draws)

Appearance: black hair with purple hair-ends, bangs over the left eye and red eyes.
            he has black fur but on the chest it's white. Fluffy purple tail and wearing a             pink spiked bracelet on both wrists and a spiked pink collar. Also wears                     white gloves with a Pentagram on it, the Shoes are black sneakers. 

-(loud) Music

-jokes about Emos

Personality: calm, often a lone wolf, does not talk much  

-really good reflexes

-ADD (attention deficit disorder)
-scared of ghosts 

Positive Relations:
Negative Relations:


I'm sorry if I'm missing some stuff, it's the first time I'm doing something like this,
so be patient with me ^^'
Oh, and I'm sry if my english is kinda bad ;-; 


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