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Post by Guest on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:25 am

This was originally posted by an old user who is now marked as a "Guest." I read the post, thinking it would be interesting to revive, so here it is.

I will start off... 

Cruz the Echidna

1. Cruz's Claw Gauntlet was discovered by him on his first adventure.

2. Apples and Roses grow in Cruz's hair involuntarily.

3. Cruz ages slowly and can live for hundreds of years, like a Saguaro Cactus.
                                  (Cruz is currently 20 years old)

4. When Cruz is near death, his fur will turn brown and yellow, like a dying plant.

5. Cruz's blood is still red, but is sticky, sappy, sugary, and tastes sweet, like Maple Syrup. 

6. He loves the smell of freshly printed paper and sniffs the pages when he reads.

7: Cruz, no matter how dirty he actually is, always smells nice and clean.
                      (He still bathes regularly though, so don't worry. )

8. He can control the release of his pheromones to make people fall in love with him or fear him, but doesn't use this ability because Cruz doesn't believe in messing with people's emotions... (Ok he MAY use the fear one, but not much.)

9. You may think that Cruz's favorite drink is tea, but no. Cruz's favorite drink is a "Honey Milk" concoction that only his friend Finch knows how to make. (Which is a REAL drink that my friend makes when I hang out with him.) 

10. Cruz had been imprisoned, tortured, and tested on when he acquired his plant powers because the people of his village thought that he was being possessed by evil. He was later freed by the forces of G.U.N. but at this point, he was already completely insane. The only way to cure him of his insanity was to erase ALL of his memories, and start him off with a clean slate. The memory therapy didn't completely erase his memories, Cruz still has nightmares of his past quite frequently.

If you want me to post more facts about Cruz, post your own 10 facts and the ask me in a polite manner.


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 .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED Empty Re: .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED

Post by Tyson_the_Comet on Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:54 pm

Guess I'll join in 8D

Charater: Tyson Herrius 2nd (The good naive one that I use.)

1. Whenever he goes to a party, formal or informal, 90% of the time he will be dressed up, instead of wearing anything casual.

2. Tyson spends most of his time either training with Zetski, or meditating at Lake Caligo, Urben Glacies

3. Tyson's homeland is just below Ice Cap Zone, and is named Urben Glacies.

4. He is eager to meet anyone having ice abilities, showing a greater passion in cryokenisis, yet also his naive personality.

5. He absolutely hates any disruption of harmony in any event, such as wars and riots.

6. He is technically supposed to replace his father, being that he is from the apocolyptic future, and is meant to prevent that.

7. The reason why Tyson is still existing because of #6 is because someone else somehow saved Tyson from his death inside the dimensional hole leading to limbo, but accidentally saving the father as well, leading both Tyson 1st and 2nd to merge.

8. Originally, Tyson wasn't meant to replace his father, he was meant to erase him from existance, but that changed with #7.

9. He has a very good sense of hearing, being that people like to talk about him behind his back.

10. His hometown also has an ancient language, which Tyson has known ever since he was able to speak. This language still does not have a permanent name, but some refer it to as "Glacien".

Want more fact's about Ty? Go ahead and ask! I won't mind, especially since it will help with more development.
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 .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED Empty Re: .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED

Post by Spekkal on Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:47 pm

Sure, I'll jump on the wagon!

Character: Gueton Versil

1) He was originally created for the sake of having a demon character, and ended up becoming one of my main characters and one of the most developed I own in the shortest amount of time thus far.

2) He likes to gamble to pass the time, but sets himself limits to how much he can earn and lose so that it doesn't fall into addiction and is more for recreational activities. The goat plays a mean hand of poker though. He also likes board games.

3) Because he was neglected by his father, Bafalaut, when he was a child and overall didn't really have any parent to look up to, he feels that he has a responsibility towards his son that he is treated and respected far better than he ever was, and to give his son a father that he never had.

4) Gueton has an intense fear of being hated and ignored, and will go to absurd lengths to ensure that he is in everyone's good book and is considered an ally rather than someone to dislike. This deep-rooted paranoia and anxiety comes from his childhood.

5) He's a rather wealthy man, as he used to be a university professor and is considering doing another uni course in philosophy once troubles die down. Because of his old job, Gueton is very good at monologues and issuing speeches and talks, often babbling far longer than he should out of habit.

6) Even though he is a pureblood demon and is able to live for an absurd amount of years, he's actually fairly young in age and isn't even in the triple digits yet. He has yet to realise that he may outlive everyone who he holds dear to him, and has yet to experience the crushing reality of death to those he loves and cares for.

7) Despite being told his mother died when he was young, she's still alive and well, unknown to him. His mother, Perfidy, has recently stopped trying to look after him and acknowledge his existence and relation because she knows it'll hurt big time if he's ever in danger or hurt.

8 ) Although he considers himself a 'people's man and attempts to keeps himself grounded despite his decent wealth, he has a preference for the finer things in life which may cause him to fork out more cash that usual, if he can afford it. Examples include exquisite meals in fancy restaurants and nights in five-star hotels for the sake of the experience.

9) Despite playing a lot of games that are risk-reward, such a poker and overall gambling, as well as various board and card games, he is not a risk taker and considers himself a logical player who prefers to use the power of persuasion and charisma to gain victory. His ability to sway people over to his side, as well as his ability to bluff, are absurd and he can easily snatch victory from people who don't know him. People who do know him well know to never trust him in these kind of games.

10) His hormones to mate are not that strong. While he has done-the-do plenty of times with various people and is well-experienced and skilled in doing the no-pants-dance, he doesn't obsess over it and doesn't desire often, more preferring the company of another to an emotional level rather than physical.

11) Whoops have another. His name is a play on the words 'Silver Tongue'.

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 .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED Empty Re: .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED

Post by KK-Afterbrun on Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:33 pm

I've been thinking about doing another one...

Character: Malahat

1. Malahat is the name after a Canadian five masted schooner(Ship) that was running illegal alchol durring Prohibition off the west coast of North America for 13 years. It was dubbed the "Queen of Rum Row".

2. Malahat's parents were sideshow acts. (A Sword Swollower and a Fire Eater)

3. Malahat was held in a juvenile detention center for eight years when a fire killed his parents.

4. The pair of five inch Railroad Spikes that are have gone through his tail were left their because doctors feared that it would become infected.

5. Malahat's ability to heal himself by eating fire was only found out by chance.

6. Malahat hates to run moonshine into big cities because he's been tossed into jail more then a few times. (The running total is about 7 times)

7. His love of gambling comes from his time at the juvenile detention center.

8. He was falsely arrested for attacking a casino owner whom he accused of cheating. (When he was released, he burnt the casino down)

9. His Fifty Two Flop Attack is bending a standard deck of cards and letting them fly, one card at a time into an opponent's face before making a run for it.

10. One of his quotes is a direct reference to Gex the Gecko from the Gex games on both PS1 and the N64.
("A slip of the tungue, mehehe.")

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 .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED Empty Re: .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED

Post by Blazingshadows on Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:59 am

I did this on the older one, but hey, why not do it again with a new character?

Character:  Melody the Raccoon

1.  Melody is known to travel a lot, but she usually gravitates back to 'The Minor Key', a shady bar and restaurant with live music in her town Brightport, a place west of Station Square.

2.  Although she uses a range of instruments, she is usually seen with a case holding her guitar and bass.  (Double cases are a thing, don't worry.)

3.  She has a piano in her basement signed by Amy Lee.  

4.  Speaking of basements, she lives in the basement of 'The Minor Key'.  She is taken care of by the waiters and is given free food from the chefs as long as she plays music there when she's not traveling.

5.  Although she is small, she is told she behaves like a wise 17 year old.  

6.  Her mother and father are drunks who party waaaaaay too much.  She eventually ran very far away, and ended up in Brightport.  She was reported as dead and now she avoids that town at all costs.

7.  Most of her friends are at least 6 years older than her.

8.  Although she has been offered alcohol, she refuses, because she prefers to not end up like her parents.  Plus, she's only 12!  What's wrong with those people?

9.  She has been influenced by the almighty Spirit the Hedgehog with her music.  They have done many duets together, and don't argue much, because Melody has a tendency to be right in an argument and can take you down.

10.  Melody is also heavily influenced by me, who is 12 and plans to be a musician and has been told I act like a wise 17 year old.  Minus the wise part.

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Post by Knuxtiger4 on Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:12 am

Might as well, was hesitate but will do.

Character: Nails Jokull (because I can get a lot of facts out of her~)

1. Her current design, it took me at least 14 times to get down her clothing and probably 3 to 5 to just get her hair right.  She's probably been through more design changes out of all my characters to be honest.

2. Her adopted parents weren't tigers.  Her father Noka was Musk Ox and her mother Azelia and younger sister Alysa are Hooded Seals.  I wanted to do something a bit different by using tundra animals for her adopted parents and what to do something unique with her adopted parents.

3. Nails doesn't like being in cities or being in crowded rooms.  Cause her great anxiety that she needs to step away.  She okay with people she knows but a whole room full of strangers, not so much.  A lot of it links back to her past issues.

4. She rarely uses her powers.  Despite that she a very strong ice user herself, she usually on resort to her powers as a "last ditch" in a situation.  She rather uses her nice long claws before she goes to resorting to using the powers.

5. She has a lot of trouble making friends.  In her past life her only friend was her sister, she never really made friends because of her quiet nature.  Despite her sister's coaxing she was really never able to make that type of bond with people.  In the present though, she made a lot of them under the most weirdest ways and has help boost her confidence and demeanor a bit because of it.

6. I came up with her many years back after researching reincarnation.  I found it to be interesting and at the time, a not a heavily used concept among Sonic FCs.  I actually don't believe its a concept that used a whole lot but still kept that with her.  If your wondering who, Fangs is reincarnated from Nails.

7. When it comes to...well the birds and bees or what we call the no pants dance, Nails isn't very knowledgeable on that.  Learned rather recently that fooling around can land you with a little fuzzball several months later.  A lot it runs on instincts and the other half being that it wasn't really something she was taught as a child.  Love is a weird concept to her to summarize it and doesn't exactly know how to express it properly.

8. She is immortal thanks to the god of Malevolence, Nega.  Nails wanted it so she would have all the time in the world to go and kill Cyril Sevilen as her act of revenge against him and to prevent people like him from walking the planet ever again.  Nega did it merely from the amount of chaos it would cause giving her that, feeding off of it.

9. She can track Fangs down easily and vise versa.  Both are able to due to their connection with reincarnation.  This good thing can also be a bad thing also as she can feel when damage has been done to Fangs' soul and vise versa.  Reincarnation can't always have good things with it!

10. She sees herself as sorta a guardian?  She seems to spend a lot of her time protecting the people she cares about or are her friends/allies.  A lot of it is just finding a purpose for herself in life consider her previous life was horrible and her purpose then was merely a scapegoat/attack cat.  Really its just her trying to shake off her previous experiences to be a somewhat better person.
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 .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED Empty Re: .: 10+ Random Facts Game :. REVIVED

Post by Uncanny-Illustrator on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:53 am

Tank told me to do this :c

Character: Pitch

1. His full name actually is Percival Blackspot. Because face it, who gets born with silly names like Flame, Scar, Evil Dark, ect. He just took the nickname to a liking over the course of time and started using it full out

2. Despite how confident he can come across, underneath he is surprisingly insecure, always worried about a lot of things which mostly is his family and if his passed away parents and twin would still be proud of him despite everything he did in his life

3. He has a huge passion for cooking despite not doing it that often. It had started as something he did to help with the house hold with his aunt and uncle but grew a great love for. If all the dramatic and traumatic experiences of his past never happened he would have ended going to a culinary school to become a professional chef

4. Pitch had a twin sister named Avalon who was a few minutes younger than him. He always feels a certain guilt over him because he pulled the plug on her after she had been in a vegetable state coma for 6 years

5. Pitch' gauntlet was a buy he did while he was drunk of his ass wandering the dark market. It was the best buy he ever did in his life

6. For a long while during his traumatic and horrible bad teen age years he started self harm, but only on one side. This has caused him to always wear gloves or something to cover his wrists and hands on both sides while in his adult life

7. Despite having a gauntlet that can change reality, he doesn't use it as often as he could. This is mostly due to not always being aware of how much you can actually do with it. Those small things often escaping the mind when in combat or everyday life.

8. He had and still has a lot of symptoms from a really bad depression, he just got better at hiding it and found his own remedy to distract from it. Which is why he is a nympho in the most literal of senses. But even with that he is able to stay loyal to his hubby

9. His deepest fears have to do with the concept that he is unloved and those that do say they love him are only lying. Which is why he is almost scared to interact with his son these days, he felt like he fucked up so many times and is scared that if he as much as tries to help or just talk to him he'd screw up again and have his son turn against him

10. Pitch originally started out as a parody character hence why he has so much cliches in both his design and back story. From the red/black color scheme to the dead parents and big sexual drive, all are based on cliches that you see in most DARK and EDGY characters

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