Official character application:Charmy the Bee

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Official character application:Charmy the Bee Empty Official character application:Charmy the Bee

Post by -KallaceTheVampirateWolf- on Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:32 pm

Character wishing to claim:Charmy The Bee
Age of character:6
Character likes:honey,sugar,playing,goofing off,flowers,nectar,playing video games,and the beach
Dislikes:boredom,dull and bland atmospheres,being tricked,Dr.Eggman,and Vector yelling at him
Powers/abilities:flight,super speed,sharp stinger,capable detective and tracker,warp flower usage,create whirlwinds,and grinding
Personality:is hyperactive and scattered brained,and not too bright.Because he is a child,he would rather play then work.He is light-hearted and cheerful.Also very friendly.
History:Charmy is the prince of the bees,but he ran from home and made new friends as he ran.When he was captured in Eggman's egg grapes,they gave him sufficient brain damage and made him act like he does now.He is the youngest member of the Chaotix now as the flight member.
Am I fit to control this character?:Yes,I believe I do.I think I can act this character pretty well in an rp and I will try to be active with it.Charmy is one of my favorite characters and I would really live to control him.I have the personality of him and I am really good at acting if if I do say myself.
Why do I think me in particular should control this character and no-one else?: I really can control this character and I have the personality of this character.No-one else shouldn't control it because I can do it well if I say so myself.
Do I understand that an admin can stop me from controlling this character if I made too many mistakes?:yes I do
In character:
As Vector,Espio,and Charmy were walking on the sidewalk,Charmy looked up in the sky.It was grey and full of puffy clouds.The only reason they were out is because Sonic sent them to look for his missing friends.Earlier,Charmy pouted and tried all he could not to come.He would rather play then work...Charmy looked at Vector and Espio with a pouty look.Then,he thought he heard the ice-cream truck.He smiled and flew next to Vector.He started to pull on his arm to the direction he heard the truck."Vector!!I heard the ice-cream truck!!C'mon let's get some ice-cream!!This mission is not going anywhere and we were walking for a long time,let's take a break!"Charmy then flew around Vector and Espio impatiently obviously not taking no for an answer.

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Official character application:Charmy the Bee Empty Re: Official character application:Charmy the Bee

Post by Caliburn on Wed Mar 26, 2014 9:02 pm

...There's a topic for this.


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