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Main Information.

Name: Marvelous

Alias: Captain, Marvelous

Gender: Male

Species: Lion

Age: 19

D.O.B: April 1st

Place of Birth: Upon the seas of space

Current Residence: The Red Galleon

Height: 3.3ft


*Food: Anything with meat or fish

*Beverage: Booze of any kind

*Other: Being right, being the centre of attention


*Food: Tasteless foods: Rice etc.

*Beverage: Water

*Other: Losing, People better than him, others doing things he likes


(insert image)or

Eye Color: Red

Fur/Hair Color: Black

Fur details:Short fur, fluffy mane

Body Build:Slightly above medium

Clothing: Red pirate cut jacket with golden buttons and white lines along from each button, red cargo pants, a black shirt.

Accessories: Large Wrist device that seems to be detachable.

Perks: Skilled with a cutlass, Skilled with small pistol, harnesses powers of ancient powers(Explained further on)

Flaws:Limited fight time due to strain on body, prone to long range shots, Not the quietest or most secretive fighter

Social Status:

Relationship Status:Single

Family Relations:Unknown

Friendships: -



Team Relations:-

Skills and Professions

Weapon(s) of Choice: Cutlass(Red Cresent) and Pistol(Red Buster)

Armor: When using ancient powers, usually engulfed in a red suit of tight, pressurised armor with a hard helmet.

Physical Abilities: Fast and Hard Hitting

Mental Abilities: None, He stupid.

Elemental Abilities: Fire on occasion

Class Name: Spratically Different


Strengths: Speed, Use of many different fighting styles

Weaknesses: Stupidity and Lack of fight time


Personality Overview

(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)


*Family: Arogant


*Rivals: Mocking

*Enemies: Distasteful

*Team Members:-


*Firey: Calm and Collected

*Wet: "Ew..."

*Desert: Serious, concentrated

*Mountainous Terrain: Annoyed

*Boats: Meh





Theme Song(s):-

Clothing Theme:Modern day Pirate

Attitude:Cocky, Show Off

History: WIP


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