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Post by DeuxExDimensia on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:39 pm

Noctem the Wolf Noctem_zps73e582ba

General Information:

Name: Noctem
Also Known As: ---

Age: 14 years old
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Mate: N/A
Status: Active
Alignment: Villain
Morals: Neutral Evil
Date of Birth: May 15th
Zodiac: Aries
IQ: 160
Birthplace: Sylvania Castle Zone

Current Residence: Castle Ruins, exact location unknown
Occupation(s): None
Theme Song: ---


Species: Wolf
Height: 2'6"
Weight: 50lbs
Eye Color: Noctem's sclera are white, his eyes are a very light blue color.
Fur Color: Noctem's fur is black, the insides of his ears, muzzle and the patch of fur on his belly are all white.
Clothing Style: Noctem wears a cuffed jacket with only one button done in the middle, though that appears to be the only button on the jacket.  His pants are deep purple with light blue arrow patterns nearing the bottom. The pants have white cuffs at the bottom. 

Jewelry: N/A
Scars/Markings: Noctem has a light blue arrow shaped mark running down his eye, stopping at his muzzle.

In the process of re-writing.


Noctem is very quiet and tends not to talk much. He shut himself out of the outside world to continue his studies at a young age, so he is not very good at socializing and really quite awkward. He seems to appear as uncaring and cold to his victims, or to anyone really. He cares a lot about his studies, and appreciates quietness. He does not like crowds, but he does not like being alone either. He appears rather defensive if somebody tries to approach him or Shiro.
He is rather secretive and doesn't talk about personal things very often, if at all.

Favorite Foods: No particular preference
Likes: Books, Reading, Learning, Dissection, Cleanliness, Quietness

Dislikes: People, Crowds, Loudness, Messes, Not knowing things

Notable Partners:

Shiro the Ghost Wisp: Shiro has been with Noctem for a long time. Shiro helps Noctem with his dissections, and often lets him talk to his old victims. They appear to be very close.


Shiro- See above
Zephyr- Zephyr is an experiment created by Noctem. He is known as a false shadow, a shadow not created by the Great Darkness but by artificial means. Zephyr acts as a bodyguard for Noctem, and Noctem appears to treat him the same as he treats Shiro.
(Will add to this as he meets other characters through RP)


None at the moment.

Potential Romantic Interests:


Battle Information:

Basic Stats:
Agility: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Stamina: 4/10
Strength: 3/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Defense: 4/10

Evasiveness: 4/10

*Noctem can use his Grimoire to cast destructive spells, this is his main form of defense.
*Noctem can also create illusions, though they are easily broken.
*Noctem is extremely knowledgeable on many species, he could probably bring about a swift death to anybody if he was given the opportunity to slash at them with one of his tools.


*Noctem is extremely frail.
*His magic is only form of defense if he isn't near Shiro or Zephyr.
*Noctem is a clean freak, he will not cut somebody if it would make a huge mess.
*Even if it doesn't make a huge mess, Noctem probably will not use his equipment improperly. 
*Noctem shut himself out from the world at an early age, and as such cannot really socialize properly.
*He knows little to nothing about the outside world

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Noctem the Wolf Empty Re: Noctem the Wolf

Post by DeuxExDimensia on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:53 pm

Noctem the Wolf Shiro_zpsd88279c8

Name: Shiro
Species: Ghost Wisp
Age: 8
Gender: Unknown, Referred to as Male
Alignment: Villain
Date of Birth: April 10th
Birthplace: Somewhere on Planet Wisp
Current Location: Wherever Noctem is
Height: 2'7" (measured from tip of longest crest to tip of tail stretched out)
Weight: Virtually weightless
Likes: Quietness, Watching Noctem's dissections, Noctem's attention
Dislikes: Talking, Loudness, Loneliness

Shiro is much like Noctem. He does not talk much, in fact he does not talk at all. He seems to be in capable of talking, though he may just not like it very much. He is less secretive than Noctem is, and actually does get excited when a new face does show itself if they choose not to dissect it. He enjoys helping Noctem and getting his attention and praise. Shiro does not understand the concept of death and dying, as he can talk to ghosts whenever he so pleases. 

*Shiro can talk to ghosts and allow others to talk to ghosts, if there are any ghosts around to communicate with.
*When fused with somebody, Shiro can allow that being to turn invisible and walk through walls like a ghost.
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