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Main Information.

Name: Kenta Devitt

Alias: Kenta

Gender: Male

Species: Wolverine

Age: 25

D.O.B: 13th August

Place of Birth: Hospital Somewhere

Current Residence: Central City

Height: 3.3 feet


*Food: Sushi, Soups, Vegatables

*Beverage: Wines, Water

*Other: Peace, Quiet, Relaxation


*Food: Sweets

*Beverage: Beers, Soft Drinks

*Other: The Dark, Laziness


(insert image)or

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Fur/Hair Color: Bright/Firey Red

Fur details:Short, Well-Groomed Fur.

Body Build:Lean, Medium

Clothing: Usually without top and has upper body taped up in white sports tape, Black Leather pants and black boots, fingerless brown gloves

Accessories: Brown fur pattern on chest

Perks: 1) Is very calm and collected when in tense situations, he remains completely well-tempered

2. Slightly Trained in Close range weapon combat( E.g Use of Knives or small/medium swords.)
3. Extremely Agile, He moves fast in battle for short bursts, allowing him to quickly move around a small area
Flaws:1. Tires quickly, putting too much strain on himself causes him to become very tired.

2. His honor. His over obsession with his own pride leads him into battles that he will easily lose or be outmatched.
Social Status:

Relationship Status:Single

Family Relations:Two Sisters -Get Along Well

Friendships: None as of Yet

Rivalries:None as of Yet

Enemies: None as of Yet

Team Relations: None as of Yet

Skills and Professions

Weapon(s) of Choice:

Armor: Sport Tape to protect against minor un-armed melee attacks

Physical Abilities: Agile. Flexible, Technical Fighter

Mental Abilities: Very Calm and Focussed

Elemental Abilities: None

Class Name:Close Range Technical Warrior


Strengths: Out-Smarting opponents, Avoiding and dodging

Weaknesses: Darkness, Restricted View of Opponent, Long Ranged Experts

Sanity: Very Sane

Personality Overview

(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)


*Family: Calm and Collected whilst staying quiet.

*Friends: Passive, Quiet but informative

*Rivals: Calm and focussed

*Enemies: Calm and Proud

*Team Members:----


*Firey: Worried

*Wet: Passive

*Desert: Passive

*Mountainous Terrain: Happy

*Boats: Happy


*Cityscapes: Confused

*Crowds: Annoyed


Theme Song(s): 
Clothing Theme: Japanese Warrior (Modernish)

Attitude: Calm.



-Lived normally with parents until turning 10.
-His Father took him away to a local Mountain Terrian to train in combats and pass down his trade
-Training Lasted for 10 more years
-Father moves back home while Kenta moves away to the Central City to pass on the trade of combat to more and begin his own life in the proccess
-Present day
(Simple Version of the Plot^)


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