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Main Information.
Name:Kimberley The Hedgehog
D.O.B:July, 24 1997
Place of Birth:Central City
Current Residence:Station Square
Height:3 ft
*Food:Apples, sugar, cookies.
*Beverage:Tea, Smoothies, milkshakes
*Other:Funny boys, romance, chao, friends
*Food:Garlic, meatloaf
*Beverage:Red bull, energy drinks
*Other:Bullies, swearing, egotists
*See my profile pic!*
Eye Color:Red
Fur/Hair Color:Yellow
Fur details:Well groomed
Body Build: petite, Thin
Clothing: Black and White.
Perks:Assistant Angel Chao named Kip helps find items and fight enemies. Kim is kind and friendly, and can amass large groups to help her. Kim can copy cat someone she sees for a short time and exert similar skills as theirs.
Flaws:She is very impatient it will become snoty when told to stay put. She will refuse to fight if she is too scared or sees the enemy is not worth it. She can get quite selfish and becomes pouty if she won't get what she wants.
Social Status:
Relationship Status:Single
Family Relations:She is an only child, and her parents live back in Central City
Enemies:Chao Abuse
Team Relations:N/A
Skills and Professions
Weapon(s) of Choice:Sword
Armor:Street Clothes
Physical Abilities:N/A
Mental Abilities:N/A
Elemental Abilities:N/A
Class Name:Swords user
Strengths:Large enemies
Weaknesses:Emotional Attacks
Personality Overview
(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)
*Family:Happy, cheerful
*Friends:Sweet, bubbly
*Rivals:Cheeky, Cocky
*Enemies:Crabby, unhappy
*Team Members:undisputed
*Firey:Scared, cautious
*Wet:Excited, happy
*Desert:Pouty, Spoiled
*Mountainous Terrain:Scared, terrified
*Boats:Energetic, excited
*Vehicles:Sick, unhealthy
Theme Song(s):
Clothing Theme:Latest Station Square fashion.
Attitude:Bubbly and excited

History:She was raised by her parents at Central City until her teenage life. Mobians leave home at any age they choose, so she left at 15. Upon departure, her families' pet chao wished to come with her, becoming her companion. She uses a sword called Sapphire Edge. She wears a blue ring which she will remove to have it turn into the sword. Sapphire Edge was originally her father's, yet was given to her for protection. The sword has pure blue blade and a gold hilt. She isn't a very good swordsman, yet the regal blade causes much intimidation. She came to Station Square hoping to join in on the hub of Mobian activity.


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