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Post by Caliburn on Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:06 pm

Through the course of Sonic Roleplay Nation's canon, Station Square has remained the most active place when it comes to events.

Attack of the Chaos Monster
Chaos very much existed in the timeline of the site. This was not roleplayed. He was as in Adventure, defeated by Super Sonic and neutralized. The flood was a threat, and of course it was in ruin. After the water cleared, it was repaired much later by a government operation, and restored to the same state it was prior to the attacks.

The Monoliths
Long after the Chaos Monster attacked, things had been going fine until a new threat emerged; a robot that went under the identity of "Madness". Upon which sent several waves of gigantic bots which rained destruction. Thanks to the efforts of brave heroes however, the attacks were successfully stopped.

Tumult the confetti monster
People from within the city would not have known about it, but this villain took complete control over the entire city with mind control, making the inhabitants do what he wanted them to do. Cyril and Kai happened to storm into the city and try to stop the villain, but it was deemed useless as Cyril proved to be nothing but a weapon. Tumult made the kitsune use his most powerful attack, which almost destroyed the city there and then. Tumult took that as his chance to flee and has since then not been seen.

Power goes to people's heads
Within the city there were several people that had powers. And being idiots, they simply abused their ridiculous powers, and brought down the city bit by bit, turning it into a dangerous place.

Cyril The Kitsune
This kitsune is infamous in Station Square for causing the most destruction. Ranging from crystalizing everyone to even flat out destroying things such as skyscrapers and other structures.

Dark Sonic appears
Eventually it reached a point where the blue blur Sonic came back to the city to check on everything; finding out that it had been reduced to rubble. He found that Cyril was indeed responsible a while after and got so sick of his wreckless behaviour and attitude... and got so angry with him when he almost eradicated the last standing skycraper... This induced his dark form, which absolutely resulted in devastation on the kitsune. Sonic snapped out of it just in time to let him live however, saying that he was still better than Cyril was.

The last skyscraper falls
Forced by the Shadow Blades to destroy the last remaining skyscraper in the already ruined city, Toxic The Raccoon blew up the supports and down it came. And that was the end of Station Square for the time being.

Darian's plan and the City of Independence
Much much later after the second destruction of the city, a rich monkey, Darian, went to the City of Independence and arranged a rebuild of the city with General Lovinski for a high price. The city was reconstructed bit by bit and to the state it is in today; as fresh and new as ever. A police system was finally installed by the City of Independence, and Darian practically runs the city. The Station Square Times was also set up.

Madness re-appears
The robot had once again returned, though Darian had other plans... What they were remain a secret~!

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