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Post by Techa the Hedgehog on Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:34 pm

((My iPad crashed earlier and deleted EVERYTHING. So it may not look as good as it did before it all went down the drain. Also, I'm not good at writing bios and histories, but I'm not a bad roleplayer. If you need an example, feel free to ask me.))

Main Information.

Name: Techa

Alias: Techy

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 19ish

D.O.B: June 10

Place of Birth: Earth (Parents were from elsewhere)

Current Residence: An apartment in Empire City

Height: 5'7"


*Food: Cheese pizza, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon waffles, French toast, tacos.

*Beverage: Anything fizzy or pop related, lemonade

*Other: Anything technological, vehicles, advanced computer systems, video games.


*Food: Tomatoes, exotic foods.

*Beverage: Water depending on occasion, most juices, milk

*Other: Ecstatic people


Techa the Hedgehog 2q1ggsg

Eye Color: Orange

Fur/Hair Color: Dark grey, orange. (Instead of this design, the design is an orange arrow on his head, and in smaller arrows, it weaves around his other quills. I am going to redraw him like that soon.

Fur details: Quills

Body Build: Medium (Men)

Clothing: Trench coat, personalized shoes and gloves.

Accessories: Jewelry: Sometimes Techa wears dog tags around his neck. Markings: The weaving arrows on his head, and the spiral mark on the back of his neck.


Technological: Techa is good at putting useful machines or tablets together. 

Mechanically Sabotaging: The hedgehog is also really good at taking things apart. In this case, he is capable of being a big part in a sabotage mission.

Remains Calm: In desperate situations, Techa has an advantage to calm himself down and only focus on getting the situation over with instead of fussing over what's going on around him.


Clumsiness: Despite his working hands, his feet don't work very well. Tripping, falling, bumping into things, etc. Are all big, bad habits for him.

Zero Tolerance: Pain gets to his head easily. He has a high endurance rate, but if he gets a large or midsized cut on his hand, he starts freaking out and desperately searches for a bandage or something to cover it with. (That's why he wears thicker gloves.)

Anger Issues: Techa really can't stand being annoyed and might throw a brick at your head if you continue doing so. This happens when he's really focused or concentrating hard on something. 

Social Status:

Relationship Status: Single

Family Relations:

Uncle Barry: Techa's close uncle who has a lot in common with him. He sees him more like an older brother.

Sister Cheryl: Techa isn't much of a fan when it comes to talking to Cheryl. She makes fun if him for who he is, and she's a prissy, little brat.

Mom: Techa loved his mother with al his heart and she supported him like a beam holding up a building. No matter the situation.

Dad: Techa's dad was too dominant and strict. Discipline was his first thought, and abuse was the second. It's affected Techa a lot when staying around others' fathers.


Other than his uncle, Techa never got along with anybody. His anger drove him in the wrong direction.


Dad: Now that Techa is older, he's been capable of fighting or talking back to his father without getting whooped for it.

Sister: Cheryl has a bad habit of taking Techa's things and teasing him with them before running off.


He hasn't had much say-so in life or death situations. Other than talking with his father.

Team Relations: N/A

Skills and Professions

Weapon(s) of Choice: Twin pistols, shanks or throwing knives

Armor: If he's out somewhere, he'll wear knee pads with spikes that are curved upward on them. He uses these as a weapon, metal gauntlets.

Physical Abilities:

Flexibility: Techa is very flexible and capable of dodging a few shots this way. But his clumsiness takes a bit away from that. 

Expert's Hands: Techa enjoys making heavy beats with objects using fast movements of his hands. 

Beatboxing: Techa is an expert at beatboxing. Probably the best around. Sometimes he will do it during battle to stay calm and cooperative. But, this makes him vulnerable from behind.

Taunting: Techa enjoys taunting others, but his comebacks aren't genius. 

Mental Abilities:

Multitasking: Techa is able to think about one thing while focusing on a whole other topic. 

Psychic Ablitities: Techa isn't really psychic, but sometimes, the things he thinks about will sometimes happen in the future.

Elemental Abilities:

Electricity: Techa can use some of his energy to create electronic pulses that can disorient an opponent temporarily.

Class Name: Ranged Expert

Other: (If you could give me ideas for this, I would be happy to add it. C: )

Strengths: Techa isn't bothered by taunts or offensive actions. They don't seem to get past the hard head of his.

Weaknesses: Despite his tolerance for taunts, he doesn't like people talking about his father.

Eye contact can make him lose focus and concentration. 

Sanity: His thoughts are a bit crazy. By accident, he will come up with a plan that involves tearing somebody limb from limb or beheading somebody. So I could say that he's a bit crazy.

Personality Overview

(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)


*Family: It depends on who he's talking to. With his uncle and mother, he enjoys being himself and talking about his likings. But when he's around his father or sister, he tends to be very quiet and antisocial. If not aggressive.

*Friends: If Techa had a great amount of friends, he would be a strange weirdo that never stops talking or asking questions. 

*Rivals: Doesn't speak to them and gives them angered or blank expressions. You could never think of him being himself if you are his rival.

*Enemies: It usually ends with him putting a target up on his wall with your face on it and throwing knives or darts at it. If he's around them, he's planning an attack or staring at the floor.

*Team Members: N/A


*Firey: Not too great with handling them. Stepping onto numerous rocks to try and avoid stepping in lava frightens him to the core.

*Wet: Techa enjoys wet environments. They are never too hot, but rarely too cold at the same time. 

*Desert: Since when is Techa prepared to battle harsh days and freezing nights? He'd have a panic attack if he ever found himself stuck in one of those places.

*Mountainous Terrain: That's where Techa relies on his vehicles. He has his own vehicle that can drive up slopes less then 90 degrees in angle.

*Boats: Seasickness is one of his downsides. That's why he tries to avoid boats.

*Vehicles: Any sort of land or air vehicle works just fine for him. He's built a few himself.

*Cityscapes: Cities are too crowded for him. Sitting on a grassy hill and peering at the landscape is something he would rather do.

*Crowds: Techa doesn't like crowds and tries to avoid them as much as possible.


Theme Song(s): "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20

Clothing Theme: More of a dark or quiet style.

Attitude: Smiley, handy, aggressive at times


(Gah......histories.... I'm going to write two only weakness....If it needs to be longer, it's okay with me.)

Techa had lived a normal life for a while with his spray family, but a lot changed when his and his friend's apartment burned down in a fire that a troublemaking civilian had caused. His mother was killed and his friend was too. That was around the time Techa decided to start making his gift helpful to others. Some of them included house protection systems or burglar systems. Even sensitive fire alarms.

But now, Techa has been using them for his own defense. A loss to a fight with another civilian led to him making heavy duty weapons and armor. He doesn't use many of them because of their weight, but he uses them occasionally.
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