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Post by Guest on Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:27 am

Character Name:Veral

Appearance: A White Dragonoid Creature.His claws are golden,his legs being digi-grade.he has 4 ears,resembling thick rabbit ears,from the back of his head,2 on each side.his left eye is scar'd,having a thin line carved across his left eye vertically.he has a long slender tail,with 3 tips.and a pair of black demonic wings sprouting from his back.he has 3 long thick claw marks running down his underbelly.His eyes are a deep,luminescent Violet.he Stands 6 7" on his hind legs,and often wears a black leather jacket and jeans,leaving his chest bare and the scars prominent. his wings are slid through slits in the back

Personality:He is quiet,but can have fun.when he does talk he is usually serious,but every once in awhile,can be alittle awkward.he tries to keep any friends he makes calm,and avoids fighting.but he can lose his temper himself,being a rather angry wrecking ball.

Abilities:his abilities are vast,most pertaining to elemental attributes.he can breath fire,like all dragons,but he can also freeze his fur into an armor like state,electrify his claws,and change his fur coloring to match his surroundings. some attributes are passive. his saliva is a natural healing agent, as it staralizes and seals wounds.he can survive intense heat, freezing cold, high voltage, and his body can manage to make it through.this does not go without saying he is impossible to harm.all these attacks hurt,but he can survive most until he is to warn to survive period.

Crush/love intrest:Ashley the wolf

History:as A hatchling,his mother was killed by a dark creature of his species,and his older sister,believing herself to by the successor to Cerberus, left him in the forest.he survived,barely,before he found someone.A girl,19,who was wounded.Now.every instinct told him to take her life.give him a good long meal.bit something stopped him.he couldn't.he crawled to her,and did the only.thing he could.he cleaned the wound.she imidiatly took to him,treating him like a pet.but eventually that became a motherly love.she became a surrogate,and he loved her the same.years pass as he grew older,and his sister,who had now called herself Cerberus, returned,prepared to kill the girl,saying she was mocking their species by caring for she raised her massive claws to ended her,Veral snapped.he attacked her,tearing at her,beating her like a doll.she could do nothing to fight back,and barely.managed to escape.Veral realized the beast that took his first mother,was the embodiment of his instinct.he had torn her life from her in an uncoconcious attack.Fearing history would repeat itself,he fled.he couldn't do it again.he fled for ages,before finally stopping,and hiding from the world what he was...


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