The Black Shadow Witch, Rhine.

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The Black Shadow Witch, Rhine. Empty The Black Shadow Witch, Rhine.

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- Rhine Miràge [formally Julie Margret Longtail]

- Gothy Chick(Ex-Gear Nickname), The Traveler. [Originally Jewels]

- Female

- Cacomistle (Ringtail Cat)

- Unknown.(Appires to be either 27, 37, or 67)/[19]

Date Of Birth:
- Unknown. [May 3rd]

Birth Place:
- n/a. [Westopolis - Eastern Suburbs]

Current Residence:
- Grimm Stone Inlet. [Last living in Station Square]

Social Status:

- Wrathven(Flicky Familier), {Sort of friends} :Chikanere the Void, Ratchet, Roxanne, Blaise, Ash, Thorn, Captain De'Ath(Ratchet's Allies). [Jessica Carbuncle, Max Shadowsong, Hot Rod McQueen, Lucy the Fox, Rock & Zappy]

- None [Jessica Carbuncle]

- Anyone who thinks they could stop her. [Lars Aberg, Chikanere the Void]

Marital Status:
- Single

- n/a

- n/a [Formally Lars Aberg]

- n/a [Spooks Longtail, father, Cara Coonage, Mother]

- n/a [Nanuk and Amarok, Twin younger brothers]

Other Family Members:
- n/a

Abilites/Skills: Fire magic, Electric magic, Misc. spells, Strong combative ability. [high agility, strong tail to stand on]

- Trident or Spiked knuckle dusters depending on which form she is. [Marbles, Bang caps, Spray bottle with viniger inside.]

- Dark, Fire, Electric. [Neutral]

- n/a

- Witch form(normal form), Fighter form, Dark Mage form. [n/a]

- Knowlage of corruption spells, Able to transform, Manipulative. [Cute and knowing it]

- Spells are more powerful in Dark Mage form, physical attacks are harder hitting in Fighter form, Witch form is well balanced, Wrathven follows almost every command. [Uses her cuteness to her advantage, Uses spray bottle when in a fix]

- Can't change forms on the spot, can't deal with ranged attacks in Fighter form, magic attacks weaken her quickly in Dark Mage form, Wrathven sometimes ignores her demands, Overconfident. [Novice fighter, over protective of her tail]

Personalities: Toutchy when asked about her true age, snobbish. [Overly cheerful, does tend to panic a bit, Prideful, can be ticked off when not tipped.]

With Strangers:
- Cold heartted, flirty with other girls. [Polite]

With Family:
- n/a [Polite and sometimes stern(Only with her brothers)]

With Friends:
- Tends to belittle them [Happy]

With Rivals:
- Overconfident and spiteful [friendly but blunt]

With Enemies:
- Same as Rivals [Mean and Spiteful]


- n/a [Strawberry Ice Cream]

- n/a [Root Beer Float]

- Other girls, Corrupting people, tormenting others. [Playing marbles, her day job, anything purple]


- n/a

- n/a

Wrathven ignoring her, getting beaten by the same person multiple times, her spells being countered. [Lars Aberg, Not getting tipped, Prep Girls]

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
- Black Magic Woman - Santana [Now or Never - The Box]

Battle Theme:
- Sotari Maiden 3rd Eye - Linkstarzelda Touhou 3rd Remix [Be of Good Cheer ~ Corpse Voyage - Touhou SA]

Victory Theme:
- n/a

Defeated Theme:
- n/a

Backstory: (Note There is some back story that is MIA from here...I will get to that sometime in the future)
Rhine's history seems non existant. She first appires as a dark shadow of Jewels Longtail when she was taken to the Cursed Isle by the demon Chikanere. Just as it seemed Rhine would take control, Max, one of Jewels's companions realised what Chikanere was up to and Jewels foiled Rhine's chance to take over her body. Rhine herself became trapped in the Eternal Nightmere regoin of Dream Dance Zone after the failed attemped and swore that she would one day be free.

Then she senced that someone had found the Shard of Shadows, a black prism that she could use to get free and take over Jewels's body. She searched Dream Dance Zone for the dreams of the one who found it and came accross Ratchet the Wolf, who's ally Roxanne the Raccoon had found the prism and gave to him. Rhine told Ratchet to find Jewels and kidnap her with a deal that she would work for him. Then once that was done, She granted him the knowlage to perform the Ritual of Darkness.

As the ritual was going on, Rhine seized her chance and entered Jewels's body, changing it to her own form, casting out Jewels's kind, calm soul and taking it for her own. Rhine wrapped Jewels's soul into a male flicky familier that she dubbed Wrathven and it rushed out near the end of the ritual towards Ratchet's face. As the smoke cleared, Rhine smiled and cackled at being free and thanked Ratchet for helping her. But when Ratchet mentioned about her end of the bargin, Rhine laughted at the wolf saying that it was just a deception and that she had no willingness to work for others.

Rhine belittled Ratchet to the point that he sent his gang to attack her. Rhine quickly dispatced Ratchet's gang with her spells, leaving Ratchet still standing, and in a state of shock, and flew high up on her trident. She told Ratchet that she only works with other witchs and not for those who think they can control her. But she added that she would help Ratchet if he could find her again and took off. After wandering around the world for a bit, Rhine came upon ruin tower in a remote place called Grimm Stone Inlet.

With a wicked smile, she set up a home in the ruin, turning it a witch's haven. However, Rhine noticed the Wrathven ignored her when she told him to help her. She realised that Jewels's soul was fighting for control over the familier. Rhine weaved a Hex that was suppost to stop this, but it gave Jewels more control over Wrathven's actions. Rhine bound her familier with another powerfull spell that gave Rhine control once more. That night, Rhine held a séance and held a parley with Jewels.

Jewels demanded to have her body returned to her, but Rhine spat back. Rhine told Jewels that if she didn't co-operate with her, She would banish the flicky form Jewels had become bound to and Jewels herself would cease to exsist. Jewels reluctintly accepted her posistion and the séance was over. With that out of the way, Rhine started to plot what she would do next. However, Chikanere suddenly dropped in and, at first mistaked Rhine for Jewels. Rhine assured her that she was Rhine and thanked Chikanere for waking her.

Chikanere was confused, as she thought Rhine was created by her. Rhine told Chikanere that she was far older then the demon in her current body. Chikanere was taken aback by this, wondering how a witch would know that she had a new body. Rhine simply told her that she had her ways. But like Ratchet, Rhine blew off the Chikanere's perposal to work together. However, unlike Ratchet, Chikanere nodded in fustration and returned to her island. Rhine smiled wickedly and went back to plotting who to corrupt first.

[Julie Marget Longtail was born and raised in Westopolis's Eastern Suburbs. Nicknamed Jewels early on, she was almost always happy and cheerful. Living with her Fauther Spooks, mother Cara, and her two Twin Rugrat brothers Amarok and Nanuk. Jewels had an easy time to make friends since the age of six, she had
 always been too cute for her own good. She would always play Marble with her Brothersand was a tough one to beat. Her brothers hated the fact she would always win, so one day they played a prank. They mixed in her bag 'Bang' Caps, little marble sized balls that explode when hit. Jewels, unaware of this joke, came outside with her bag of marbles, but triped on the last step. The 'Bang' Caps went off and hurt her badly. She spent a night in the hospital and without anything to cuddle, she became atatched to her tail.

Jewels started to brush her tail with some frequince to ease her mind. She never forgave her brothers for the prank, but soon noticed her brushing was getting noticed and she was enjoying it. Then one day, at the age of 14, she met Lars Aberg and they became fast friends. Jewels started to hang out with him and his gang. Lars would not let anyone in his gang get near Jewels. Lars would get Jewels Gifts that he'd "buy" for her. and he did his best to serinaide her. Jewels herself got a job at a Sandwich shop in Westopolis as a server. She quickly realised that she was not getting as well of a tip as the others if any at all because of her assosiation with Lars.

Her Cheerful smile had gone away and she started to feel bad at some of Lars's victems. Then one day, she saw Lars trying to get a kid named Joshua Wyvern to join the gang. When he refused, Lars became violent, and this scared Jewels. So one day, after work, she told her boss that she was quiting and leaving town. At first her boss wanted to know why but then he saw the sadness in Jewels's eyes and said ok. Her boss told her that he would keep Lars distracted so she could skip town. But her job along with the lack of tips she got was not enough to buy a train ticket out of town. So Jewels took all the gifts that she got from Lars and was on her way to sell them. One of these Items was an expencive Gem-Cut Topaz Tulip. As she was on her way to the jewlers to sell it, she saw a fight between Joshua and a Bobcat.

Joshua was only defending himself as the girl attacked him. All Jewels could do was stand and watch. when the Bobcat finaly stoped, Joshua walked off. As Jewels walked closer to the Bobcat, she heard her cried about a Gem-Cut Rose that was taken from her and broken up. Jewels felt very bad and though Lars might have had something to do with it. Jewels put the Gem-Cut Tulip down infront of Her and rushed off to hide. She watch as the Bobcat picked up the Gem-Cut Flower and after looking about walked off with it. Jewels Went to a nearby Pawn Shop and sold the remaining gifts from Lars and got herself a one-way ticket to Station Square. Just before she left, Jewels called up her perents to tell them that she was leaving and she didn't know for how long. Though sad her mother asked her to keep in touch.

At the Station, Jewels saw Lars waiting for her. He pleaded for her to stay and tried to give her another gift. Jewels knocked the gift aside and blew Lars off. Lars got very angry and tried to force her to stay by grabbing her tail. Jewels took it such an offence by backhanding Lars across the snot and getting on the train. The percer held Lars off the train for not having a ticket and the train left. When she arrived in Station Square, Jewels looked for a place to stay. She found a kind man who had a room to rent and set herself up there. The next day she started to look for work and found a small cafe near a Flower shop. The owner of the cafe was also the owner of the Flower shop. Jewels asked the owner she could have a job at the Cafe. The owner said that she did not have a need for another employie. 

Jewels begged her for at least a shot, but the owner was not swayed. Then Jewels saw the Bobcat that faught Joshua back in Westopolis, coming out of the Flower shop. Jewels was suprised at this turn of events, it turned out that the Bobcat, named Jessica, worked here. Jess complained about one of the cafe workers Slacking off and trying to flirt with her. The owner could not hide her anger and called for the guy to come out. When he did, The Owner Fired him on the spot. He had recived more then a few complaints about not working, so he could not work there at all. The owner then turned to Jewels and asked if she would like the job. Jewels felt bad by the turn of events but said she would do it.

Jewels and Jess became fast frineds, but Jewels dreaded telling Jess about her past life in Westopolis. She was ashamed by it and didn't want her to know about it. Then one day while at work, Jewels, who was 16, saw of all people, Lars enter the Cafe. Jewels pretened not to know him but Lars reconized her. He demanded why she left Westopolis but Jewels continued to play dumb. When the owner came in and saw this she told Lars to leave and threaten to call the cops if he didn't leave. Lars left on his own accord but before he left told Jewels he's looking for a group called the Station Square Fight Club so he could recrute more people for his 'group'. Jewels asked the owner what Station Square Fight Club was. The owner said it was an underground fighting club where strenght and skill would get you noticed.

However the owner also said that it was not welcomed in most parts of town. She didn't mind it as long as it was bringing costamers and not damage the property. Jewels Thought about it after work and wasn't looking where she was going. She ran into a guy on his way to a S.S.F.C. match up. Jewels wanted to tell the guy sorry but the guy told her that he did so on perpose because he had gotten two tickets and his friend was to sick to join him. To Jewels this was the worst excuse to pick up a girl, but told him that she would join him. The guy was so happy with this, he had payed big bucks for Front Row tickets to see this match. When they arrived, Jewels spotted Lars. He looked like he was getting ready for a fight and her compainion told her that Lars was going to fight one of the S.S.F.C.'s 'Mid-Range' Fighters.

Then Jewels saw why this group was underground, There was a few Bookies placing bets and most gave Lars 5/1 odds. Jewels knew how strong Lars was but her compainion told her that he was betting on Lars's opponent, who had 20/1 odds. That's when Lars noticed Jewels with this guy. Lars angerly shouted at the guy for 'takeing his girl'. The Guy told Lars if he wins the match he could have her back. Jewels wanted to protest as Lars agreed, but the guy told Jewels that Lars wouldn't win. Lars stepped into the ring just as his opponent came out of the crowd. To Jewels's surprise, it was Jess. Lars Lughted at Jess saying a chick couldn't fight. When the match began Lars got the upper hand very quickly. With Jess down for a moment Lars Bragged out loud that a cute girl should never fight the best.

Jewels saw everyone step back as Jess got back up. Then she saw a few people lift up a large bullseye target on the left side of the arena. Jess lost her temper and procided to kick Lars's Scaly hind about the ring before tossing him into the Target. Lars crumpled to the floor and Jess was crowned victor. As Jess got out of the ring, she spotted Jewels looking stunded at what had happened. Jess was a little embarioused that Jewels found out that she was an S.S.F.C. fighter. Jewels assurd Jess that she didn't mind and asked if Jess would train her to be as good as her. Jess said that she'd 'Think About it'. When Lars staggered back to his feet, Jewels confronted him. She backhanded him and called him a weak coward then started to walk away. Lars Grabbed her by her tail and pulled her towards him. Jess saw this and tried to kick him off. But Lars saw this coming and grabbed her ankle and pushed her to the ground.

Seeing her friend fall, Jewels spun around and gave Lars a hard Heel Kick, knocking out one of the gator's teeth. Then she sprayed him with her bottle of Viniger, that she forget to leave at work, into his face. Lars let go and some of the S.S.F.C.'s lookouts grabed the gator and tossed him out. Almost by instinced, Jewels pulled out her comb and started to brush her tail when her 'date' came to her. It turns out that the guy was really one of the organizers and he'd had seen her at Westopolis once before and he wanted to know if Jewels would like to join the S.S.F.C.. Jewels told him that she never got into a fight on her own and didn't think she would be good at it.

Then a pair of Voices shouted Big Sis from the crowd. To Jewels's surprise, her brothers Nanuk & Amarok rushed from the crown and told her their joy of seeing her deal with Lars. Jewels turned to the Organizer and told him that she would join. Her brothers cheered loudly and told her good luck. The next day Jess asked Jewels about Lars. Though she would not tell her earlyer, Jewels crumbled and told Jess about her past life at Westopolis. Jess understood and told Jewels that she give her a few pointers but if that they meet in the ring, they were rivals. Now a days, Jewels uses her cute looks to distract her male opponents into dropping their gaurd, and her tail as an extra hand in a fight, standing on it to kick taller foes in the cheast or face. Though they are bitter rivals in the ring, Jess and Jewels are still the best of friends. They sometimes team up as the Tag Team: Petal & Thorn.]

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