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Post by Jill Twilight on Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:15 am

Name:Jill Twilight
Nicknames: Cassie, Cass, Cassandera.
Gender: Female
Species: Fox
Age: 14
Date of Birth: June 14th, 1999
Birth Place:Emerald City
Current Residence: Kastelian City

Social Status:Very Good. But can be social shy.

Friends:Inferno,Streakster, SMS,Honoo,Mis Rabbit, Candeline Rabbit, Christmas Rabbit,Tyflo,Brex T. Hedgehog, And Silver Miles.
Rivals: Suicune "Mileena" Twilight, Shadest The Hedgehog.
Enemies: The Dark Overlord.
Marital Status:Whut?
Crush: Inferno The Hedgehog
Lover: Inferno The Hedgehog
Parents: Sapphire Twilight ((Mother)) and Vergil Twilight ((Father))
Siblings: Steel Twilight, Mittens Twilight, And Samuel Twilight. ((All Brothers))
Other Family Members: None

Team Status: Has About Four Teams.

Team Name: Team Avalanche, Team ((Secret Name)), Team S, And Team Lacclester.
Team Members: Team Avalanche ((Tom As The Speed, Jill is The Fly, and SilverBeast is Power.)) Team ((Secret Name)) Not Telling. Team S: ((Ruby The Robotic Cat as Speed, Jill Again is Fly, And GameStop The Echidna is Power.)) Team Lacclester ((Brex as Speed, Jill AGAIN as Fly, And SilverMiles as Power.))
Team Leader: Team Avalanche ((Jill)), Team ((Secret Name)) ((Jill)). Team S ((Ruby)) Team Lacclester ((Either Silver Miles or Brex.))
Team Formation: im usually the fly.
Team's Special Ailities: Team Avalanche ((Can summon an intire Avalanche. DUH.)). Team ((Secret Name.)) Not Saying. Team S ((Super Speed Showdown.)) Team Lacclester ((Summons Lazer storm))

Abilities/Skills: Good with Technology, Use of Guns, and Water And Ice Abilities and Telekinesis.

Weapons: Shotgun and Axe.
Element: Water and Ice.
Armor: Whut.
Forms: Weapon Master Jill.
Other: (Name Other Abilities/Skills) I am Good at Hand To Hand Combat.

Strengths: Technology, Weapons, My Friends.
Weaknesses: Turrets, Easily Cocky, Over Confident, And Lightning.

Personalities: Fun-loving, Cocky, Exciting, Happy, And Serious.

With Strangers: Shy, Protective.
With Family: Protective, Safe, Sleepy.
With Friends: Serious,Protective, Excited!
With Rivals: Definitely Cocky & aggressive.
With Enemies: Aggressive.


Food: Candy and Pizza.
Drink: Coke and Sprite.
Other: (Name Other Things the Character Likes, For Example: Sleeping, Hanging With Friends) Technology, My Little Pony, Inferno, Luigi.

Food: Vegtables!
Drink: Water
Other: (Name Other Things the Character Dislikes, For Example: Darkness, Bugs) Loneliness.....Crying. Mario!

Theme Songs: 4

Main Theme: Sound Of My Dreams ((Dj Splash Remix)) By Dj Splash
Battle Theme: Discord By EuroBeat ((Remix))
Victory Theme: Sonic 2006 Act Completed Theme
Defeated Theme: Silver Boss Battle Theme ((Sonic Generations))

Back-story: Jill was born into a good family, and raised well, along with her brother, Steel. Her Life consists of saving the world, playing her video games, and listenings to her ipod, And just Sleeping.
The two spent a lot of their time saving the worlds and Video games! <3
Jill had a rough social life due to being bullied quite often and things got out of hand so much that she wanted to move away from that place and start again.
Eventually him and Steel had to find another place to go as Kastelian City and she currently right now is um....in her secret lab making video games.

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