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Second Issue - September 25, 2013 Empty Second Issue - September 25, 2013

Post by Quiet Light on Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:01 pm

Station Square Times
Nuntiantes in nova nuntia referens, singulis hebdomadis!
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Issue 2, Vol. 1

The Greatest Fight of All Time?
Discussion continued this week over plans to jumpstart the forum RP program on SRN.  The concept of a tournament came to the forefront when the many members in the discussion assented to the idea.  Most seemed to favor such an action-based roleplay, especially since the proposed tournament would have several members to respond to each other over a short time and hopefully cause more roleplays to spring up from characters having met during the tournament.  Further details will be available as they emerge, and coverage of the tournament if it happens.

Interview with Punk the Hedgehog
Interview by SST Editor Quiet Light

Quiet Light: Greetings, readers. This is Quiet Light, coming to you from the Station Square Times, and today our interviewee is SRN wall-breaker Punk the Hedgehog. How are you today, Punk?
Punk the Hedgehog: I am very well now that I have broken at least one wall today! And yourself?
Light: Doing fine, thanks.  When and how did you start breaking walls?
Punk: I have only started my wall-destroying career recently and now it has became my customary entrance. I started it to show that I dislikes walls.....Grr.
Light: Any particular reason you don't like walls?
Punk: Yes actually. I do not like walls because they separate people. And since I love everyone very much I do not like to be separated. So the walls must pay for their dastardly sins.
Light: Sounds like a pretty good reason.  Is Punk a character name?
Punk: Yes, Punk is my main character's name. It was originally "Punker" before I changed it since it sounded dumb.
Light: Following on that a bit, do you RP much?
Punk: I RP when possible. Which...isn't a lot to be honest. I only RP when I feel like it will be decent enough. If not, I sit out and wait.
Light: What defines 'decent enough' for you?
Punk: Medium to long posts. Non-Idiotic behavior. A sense of character development, No Power-playing, and good grammar.
Light: Makes sense. It sounds like you prefer forum RP to Chatbox RP?
Punk: I don't really have a personal preference. I'm just sometimes find myself to lazy to start forum RPs but again. I don't have a preference.
Light: Do you think it would benefit the forum to focus more on forum RPs than it does currently?
Punk: Maybe. I am not 100% sure. Forum RPs seem to be happening a tad more regularly now so I don't think it impacts the site much.
Light: All right. Pertaining to this interview pretty directly, does anything stand out to you about the new newspaper?
Punk: Of course. I feel it gives more reason to the site overall. It gives people something to anticipate and even get in hopes to be interviewed. It should bring the forum closer together and get everyone more active.
Light: Glad to hear it. Is there any advice you'd give to the whole forum, something to improve on?
Punk: Indeed. Ladies and Gentlemen listen to me. And listen to me well. This forum is made for Sonic don't take it too serious. Its a bunch of small little animals doing stuff. I get you want your characters to be hip, cool, awesome and powerful but please, refrain for over doing yourself. Just keep one thing in mind, The easiest solution: Is generally the simplest. You're Welcome.
Light: You support Occam's Razor, I see.  Thanks for your thoughts. Anything else you want to share with the world before we end?
Punk: Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of the forum. We live in a world of depression and drama and is all spirals down constanstly. However. This forum, is not the real world, this is a place of sanctuary for those to talk, enjoy roleplays and become friends. That is my aim. Just once in a while, not all the time, when you visit, think of your online friends here, and just aim to make them smile and have a good time no matter the cost, lets spread the love around here, make everyone feel wanted in one way or another. But don't start any sappy lovey stuff with me or my boot will be dragged across your face c: Anyway, back on topic, just be nice and friendly, copied? Got it? Good. P.s I love you all. Thank you for your time.

Image of the Week
You know how the party game 'Twister' leads to awkward positions?  It was bound to happen to the Sonic crew sooner or later.
Second Issue - September 25, 2013 Funny-Sonamy-sonic-couples-22488208-1128-826
Credit to Fanpop user Mirage.

RP Tip of the Week

"Make sure your posts have correct grammar and make sense for other people."
- Cyril wer Kaldra

Letters to the Editor

The first, last, and brief letter comes from user SolFox:

Jaye. Where's the funny quote of the week? Your newspaper is empty without it....
For the readers who don't know this, a previous volume of the newspaper included a humorous Chatbox quote from a user, said the week prior.  It was intended to help make the newspaper more personal and introduce some slight competition among those who frequented the Chatbox.

The section no longer exists for various reasons.  The chief reason being that the pace of chat here far outpaces the pace on the prior site - Chatbox roleplaying was disallowed there, and as a result more content for such a newspaper section was usually available.  I'm certainly not going to run such a section on limited information.  The other main reason has two parts: On the prior host forum I was a Chatbox moderator and, as such, kept careful records of the Chatbox archives, allowing me to identify messages violating the forum rules.  It had the side benefit of affording me comprehensive logs for finding a funny message.  Here and now, I do not have the duty or obligation to keep such records - and, as it happens, I have no means or reason to do it either.

So altogether, I have not included this section because I believe that it is outside my power and rights as a journalist.  I do not plan to include it.  That having been said, I am open to a 'funny RP post of the week', or 'featured RP post of the week', because it is easier to keep track of and encourages forum roleplaying.

Thank you for your message, and as always, I wish you peace.

- Jaye


This section notes any users who have recently entered and written introduction threads within the past week.

On Wednesday, the 18th, we welcomed- or, rather, rewelcomed MisterEightySix.  Intro thread can be found here.
On Friday, the 20th, we welcomed Gamma V.  Intro thread can be found here.

In conjunction with this section, a birthday-celebration section will open in three issues.

Greetings to the recently arrived and we hope to see them around!

Have ideas for the RP tip or the weekly picture, or an anonymous letter?  Send the editor a message!
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