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Name: Yuni Kokiyo Tanakeru

Alias: Solo

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgecat

Age: 16

D.O.B: July 19, 1980

Place of Birth: Sol Dimension

Current Residence: Dimension Hops Between Mobius
and Sol Dimensions when he feels like it

Height: 2.6 Feet (lolShort)

Likes: Fire, Lava, Heat, Swords, Explosions

Dislikes: Water, Ice, Heights


Yuni Kokiyo Tanakeru Yuniko12

Perks: Has known fire elements since the age of 4, good with
swords, is very agile, can be helpful

Flaws: Is made 70% out of fire-based particles and
as such will die from touching water, is very cocky,
cannot endure much pain

Social Status:

Relationship Status: Single

Family Relations: Gala Kokiyo Tanakeru (Brother, 22)

Friendships: None

Rivalries: None

Enemies: Eggman, Eggman Nega

Team Relations: Gala

Skills and Professions

Weapon(s) of Choice: Scarlet Buster (Sword)

Armor: None

Physical Abilities: Super Speed and Agility

Mental Abilities: None

Elemental Abilities: Fire, Earth, Electricity

Class Name: Balanced

Other: None

Strengths: Fast, hard to hit, Elemental Abilities

Weaknesses: Water and Ice

Sanity: Sane

Personality Overview

(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)


*Family: Very calm, collected, and focused

*Friends: No Friends

*Rivals: No Rivals

*Enemies: Will Never Forgive

*Team Members: No Team Members
other than Gala


*Firey: Excited and Happy

*Wet: Scared

*Desert: Won't care

*Mountainous Terrain: Won't care

*Boats: "Why am I even in a boat?!"

*Vehicles: Won't really care

*Cityscapes: Annoyed

*Crowds: Annoyed


Theme Song(s): Yuni Appears; Braving (Instrumental):
Yuni Reaches Out to Help!; Artist:
Yuni Draws Scarlet Buster! Sword of Hope!; Masterpiece:

Attitude: Calm and Collected When Alone or with Gala,
Annoyed near other people


Yuni Kokiyo Tanakeru never knew who his real parents
were, he woke up from being trapped in hardened lava after
many years. Gala, his brother, was preserved via
the only means of cryogenics; freezing yourself. When Yuni
woke from his slumber, he was left with the Scarlet Buster,
the sword whom his Father left with him. Gala was left with
the Violet Reaper, a purple Scythe left by their Mother. Yuni
spends most of his time hopping between Dimensions using
the Dimension Hopper embedded inside his hand, by focusing on
where he wants to go.

Light burns darkness, as darkness creeps into light. Flames melt the ice, as ice cools down the flames. There is balance in everything, you just gotta see it.
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