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Dress up {Art Game} Empty Dress up {Art Game}

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:49 am

Hello there! Welcome to the Dress Up Game. This is a place where we have costumes listed down below and users in this game. Anyone may join or leave at anytime. How this works is you {-insert your usernames-} will ask Grudge or I to generate a User the number we get will determine witch player and what coustume you draw one of your characters in! Have fun!

Users in this game: 

1 Galemeshi
2 AlbinoWolf
3 GrudgePygeon


* Only fan characters 
* Must have did art for everyone, before you can go another round.
* Shae and I generate numbers.


1. Link's outfit
2. Fluffy bunny suit (pink)
3. Mushroom Hat 
4. Eskimo
5. Mystical fairy
6. Construction worker 
7. Oak Barrel 
8. Burlap sack 
9. Puffy Princess Dress 
10. Bikini 
11. Coconut bra & grass skirt 
12. Old Man 
13. Baby 
14. Ninja 
15. Sumo wrestler 
16. Clown 
17. Generic mad scientist 
18. Elephant 
19. Chicken 
20. King 
21. Psycho 
22. Nerd 
23. Cracker 
24. Hot dog 
25. Donut
26. Tingle
27. Business man suit
28. Cook's appron
29. Knights Armor
30. Cloud dress
31. Potatoe
32. Mascot Coustume 
33. Choose one of the following Coustumes~

Change anything if you see something. 

http://www.randomnumbergenerator.com/ < that's the generator for Shae and I ONLY!


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