Professor James T. Meowington the Fourth, Esquire

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Professor James T. Meowington the Fourth, Esquire Empty Professor James T. Meowington the Fourth, Esquire

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:00 pm

Name- James Tictonius Meowington the Fourth, Esquire

Age- 27

Nickname(s)- "The Professor", "Prof", "Mr. Cat"

Residence- 8282 Lake Street, Starlight City, South Island

D/O/B- 5-19-1987

D/O/D- N/A

Marital Status- Not Married

Lover- Amelia R. Fox

Likes- Tuna Fish, Milk, His girlfriend, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Exploring caves/tombs/lost cities underwater.

Dislikes- Vacuum cleaners, Getting trapped, Not finding what he was looking for, Dr. Destro, and Dogs.

Partner- Jabar the Field Mouse

Powers/Special Abilities- While he possesses no specific super powers, the Professor has a genius-level intellect and amazing agility. He IS able to swim, and, despite being a feline, does not hate water. He also has a few defense mechanisms of his own, including his double six-shooter revolver pistols, his proficiency in Judo and Krav Maga, and his trusty bullwhip, which he attributes to his liking of Indiana Jones.

Weaknesses- While the Professor is not afraid of water, he IS in fact vulnerable to loud noises, especially vacuum cleaners. With the help of his good friend Dr. Yamato, he has special earmuffs to prevent the noises from weakening him. He is also low in the defense department, being able to be defeated in combat by even his own sidekick, Jabar. While this may be so, the Professor usually relies on his guns and his whip to get the job done.

Backstory- Born during the financial boom of the 80s, the Meowington family resided in the high-up Starlight City. James became an avid free-runner and parkour master during his childhood years, and aspired to be like the heroes Indiana Jones and Lara Croft during his teens. His first cave venture was in the fabled Labyrinth Zone of South Island, and it went from delightful adventure to tragedy quickly; his father was caught in one of the many traps set by the ancients in the Labyrinth, and James himself barely escaped. James' father, Kirk, wanted him to become a great treasure hunter, and James did just that; he went on to uncover numerous artifacts such as the Star of Kikan, the lost city of Mobilantis, and the red Chaos Emerald. He garnered a massive fortune, and moved to the lavish Casinopolis, building his own casino and raking in the money even more. But, when a new adventure involving the fabled Life Orbs come into play, the Professor once again whips out his adventuring tools, and sets out on a grand quest to uncover the mystery of the 3 fabled Life Orbs that power the planet...

Theme Song- "Free" by Crush 40


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