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Howdy, howdy!  Empty Howdy, howdy!

Post by Taro on Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:03 pm

Well, howdy! I'm Taro, or Tartar, Tar, whatever you'd like to call me! I'm here to just have a swell time. So, I hope I can make it all happen with everyone, who I'm excited to meet! I've always liked things like role-play, art, talking, trying to find nice, open communities! The ability to create, and collaborate on these stories, art, and conversations has always made me happy. I was invested as a child, and well - clearly I've still got that leftover love for the series inside me! 

I used to have an active part in others Sonic orientated fan groups, but like most childhood endeavors, I just lost contact. Fortunately, this embarrassingly beloved delightful interest of mine brought me back! All the way to here! I've never tried a forum before, as it felt much too complicated for me, but now must be the best time to try it! 

I'll be here for lots of things, just general talking, creating stories with others, discussing the latest news! I'll try my best to use the forum's functions as intended, and hopefully without any embarrassing hiccups.

I really, genuinely can't wait to get involved, I hope I can have fun here with all of you!
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Howdy, howdy!  Empty Re: Howdy, howdy!

Post by Wolf478 on Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:54 pm

G'day g'day Taro! A swell time is what we're all here for xD I'm Wolf478, I joined here about a year ago and can say that I've had a fantastic time here so far, everyone is extremely freindly and alwasy happy to lend a hand whenever you need something. I too have always been into Role-playing and talking and open communities, collaborative stories are a dream come true for me!

Goodness I got a little carried away, sorry about that. This is about you, not me.

This is my first forum too actually, and I've loved it so far, I hope you are able to find it as welcoming and just the right amount of complicated, as you put it, to be enjoyable!

Embarrassing hiccups aren't really something you'll need to worry about, people here are usually pretty understanding and (Much like myself) have made their own mistakes too. xD

It's really good to meet you Taro, if you have any questions or queries, or are just looking for an RP you can always shoot a message on over to a member of Staff, or even just a member, we're always happy to help out and Rp!

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