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Worlds collide Empty Worlds collide

Post by Shrike Marine on Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:49 pm

After a failed experiment with a updated Arkgate ruptures, generating a vast unknown origin energy detonation, a handful of beings now find them self transported to a alternate reality of Mobius, a reality where most of the world has been either destroyed or conquered by a new faction referred to as the "Steel dominion" a force made up advance and reprogrammed war machines descendant of Cybred, the leader of this force is a power and destructive hungry man leading this force, any and all who have stood before him and he's army have been swept aside and now most of this dimensions population has either gone into hiding or formed freedom fighter outfits in a attempt over throw the conquering faction.

Those who find them self warped to this new reality will have to come to grips with alternate versions of their own world, help those who are still out there to bring down the new enemy and stop him from gaining the co-ordinates to their original dimension to prevent a inter dimension invasion.
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