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Post by RickerRagdoll on Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:27 pm


          As the dust begins to settle and the Phantom Ruby gains control, portals open up to other dimensions, leading those curious enough to a world without heroes, a world without order.  One of these curious souls was an skittish hybrid cyborg who went by Maverick, after viewing the desolate landscape before him he wheeled around to go back through the portal...but it closed the moment he did so.  Feeling as though he's trapped here, he walks towards the only thing in enormous, bright magenta sun.

           On his way there he stumbled across what appeared to be a rabbit, a very young female rabbit, but she was...different...her body, dress, scleroses, everything, was a bright magenta color.  Not only that but she was more polygonal than the cyborg was.  The cyborg was a put off by her appearance, and rightfully so as she immediately began attacking him when she saw him.  The cyborg didn't dodge in time and ended up falling to his feet from the her tackle, he didn't want to hurt her despite the current situation so he just shoved her aside and ran, she chased him until he opened a pocket dimension and trapped her inside. "Phew..." he exclaimed, believing he had won.  He turned around only to see another portal open up, he couldn't see inside it but he had a bad feeling.  Not wanting to release the rabid animal, he just hid behind a rock...very poorly...

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