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Post by Mystic Monkey on Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:29 am

In 1993-'96 Fantail released a series of Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks. I used to have the first one but then I lost it. But for the last few weeks I've been buying them off eBay and I got 3 so far.

In school I never had enough friends for Dungeons & Dragons or other TTRPG and I still don't have any social groups for TTRPGing. It was a friend online who introduced me to The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge) which is like the German equivilent to D&D. He introduce me to the point-&-click games and on another forum he GMs an online TDE which is currently on hiatus.

Point is, I never played a TTRPG properly but I'm into them. And I got a Sonic gamebook which uses a simple character sheet and a D6 to play. So I decided to make my very own TTRPG for Sonic fans that is very simple and easy to play.

Sonic the Hedgehog Tabletop Role-Playing Game

Exclamation UPDATE! I added "Stage Acts". They play similar to traditional board games and can serve as "dungeons" to the campaign. They're suppose to give the sense of running through stages or zones as you would from the Sonic games and can be used as intervals, challenges or for travelling montage.

Quick Q&A
Q: Can I play it at home like an actual TTRPG?
A: Yes. Either printed out or simply copy the Character sheet on paper. All you need is a pencil, a rubber, lined-paper for character sheets and a traditional six-sided die (if you have board games lying around, just use a die from one of those) It also requires simple addition to play.

Q: Can I play it online over a discussion board or forum?
A: If it's allowed then yes. I plan on making Non-canon threads to playtest it (if that's cool with the mods and admins here). Some roleplay board do have a dice rolling feature (I don't think SRPN has one) I understand this method is very different from how most of you here are used to but it might be a bit fun to RP with a set of tabletop rules that include chance, risk and reward.

Q: As a veteran TTRPer, this doesn't look as fleshed out as D&D, Warhammer, GURPS and other TTRPGs. You don't even have health and mana or need lots of dice for rolling.
A: It's suppose to be simple. The gameplay is an adaption from the gamebooks for two reasons. The gamebooks are licenced merchandice so therefore it's closest to official I can get and the gameplay is easy for everyone to quickly understand and play. D6 dice are the most common dice that a new player can find one easily. So if you're brand new to TTRPG and want to try my game, all you need is to borrow a die from Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly or whatever board game you have lying about than needing to buy game guides, manuals and all the dice just to sit in and have fun.

Q: Can I use it for SatAM/Archie-based campaigns?
A: Not really. I based the setting on the "Earth" from Sonic games as well as the gameplay based on Sonic's gameplay. Not "Mobius" from the comics. This is why rings in the TTRPG serve as both health and currency and why enemies are mostly one-hit wonders. Given lack of story at the time SatAM was more of a loose adaption where common elements such as rings were reimagined, new characters introduced and established characters reimagined.
I'd say you're better off adapting GURPS for such settings than mine. However if people really like my Sonic TTRPG then I might make a Mobius edition for Archie/Fleetway fans.

Q: Is this fully tested and playable?
A: Well no. Truth is it's never been properly tested. As I said not enough friends of social groups to properly test it. In fact one of the reasons I joined SRPN is because I'm hoping others will play it or if TTRPers introduce it to their group and give me feedback in order to improove on it.

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Sonic TTRPG Empty Re: Sonic TTRPG

Post by Mystic Monkey on Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:51 am

For example this would be my character sheet:

Name: Mystic Monkey
Class: Speed type
       Speed: A
       Power: E
       Jump: D
       Technique: C
       Charisma: D
       Wisdom: C
       Perception: E
       Luck: B
Skills: Warrior, Dodge (Speed) & Climb (Technique)
Backstory: Hailing from the Forest Zone of Grand Kingdom, Mystic Monkey is an adventurer who goes to various places and helps out where he can to be the hero he always wanted to be. While naturally agile and quick as a monkey, his special running shoes grant him enhance speed.
Inventory: Sword (reference), Custom shoes (aqua green with silver buckles), white gloves
Rings: [d50] (Or whatever pocket money the GM will permit players to start with)
Lives: 3
Mystic Monkey
Mystic Monkey
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Posts : 18
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