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Organisation of Mutual Researchers Empty Organisation of Mutual Researchers

Post by Wolf478 on Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:10 am

Name: OMR, Organisation of Mutual Researchers

Species: No particular Species

Date Founded: Approx. 1 year ago

Ideal: Sharing Classified information with one another

Main Base/location: The Information Server is deep within a mound of earth, in an undisclosed location, known only to the Founders of the Organisation.

Other Base Locations: There aren't any main meeting places for the members of the organisation, but any location of residence for a member is classified as a base location.

Uniform: None

Alignment: Neutral Good

Website: The OMR Foundation


  • Darken Millenium Leader/Founder, head researcher - Archiver and Developer
    Power: Wolf Form transformation

  • Alia (Agent 446) Member/Founder, head practitioner - On-the-Ground
    Power: Teleportation


While the OMR is mostly focused on sharing information with one another, it isn't uncommon for the group to share technology too, especially when the promise of more Intel is on the table. Darken's background in engineering and design allow him to create some high-quality equipment for the group.

  • Remote Camera Nanites
    Minuscule drones equipped with cameras and traction pads to allow for remote controlled movement, they can store 1 minute of Video collectively, but they can also live-stream to any device capable of picking up their signal.

  • A.S.A.K (Adjustable Swiss Army Knife)
    At first glance it appears to be a useless capsule, as if it were a standard Swiss army Knife without any blades, but in actuality it is a base tool that allows for any device with a diameter smaller than 2cm to be locked in place inside of it, allowing for it to be flipped in and out of the chassis.

Most members of the OMR provide their own gear, and sharing the gear isn't necessary to be in the organisation, but putting forward the schematics aren't either, however doing so would allow access to other schematics.


The OMR was founded by Darken after freeing Alia from captivity, they both agreed to continue sharing information with each other in the hopes that it would once prove useful in a personal endeavour, or to settle a personal dept, revenge etc. 

The purpose of the Organisation of Mutual Researchers is simply to share any information with one another for personal use, whether it be settling a grudge or providing help for someone in need, the only condition is that the information gained is not to be given out to others outside of the OMR and that it is not to be used for Products or research specifically intended for Commercial purposes or to aid another Organisation.

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The OMR Foundation
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