The Great fire : Final moments of Mobius

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The Great fire : Final moments of Mobius Empty The Great fire : Final moments of Mobius

Post by Shrike Marine on Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:07 pm

-Standing almost glimmering in sunlight as it bounced off its metallic metal like surface, standing tall among the grassy plains of the entrance to one of the most major cities of the planet, yes Mobius today is a much safer place now thanks to the Cybreds, these towering machines now stand situated across all cities and important locations as enforces and protectors of the population, ever since these titans were deployed by G.U.N the tides turned in their favor, the loss of life almost null and void and their presence was a sure deterrence to the good old doctor himself.

Cybreds were now a common sight around the world, the faith in trust put into them after there deeds, combat prowess and loyalty proved every thing their creators hoped them to be. To such a extent that the local population did not even batter a eye to the large machines above them standing guard over their cities, beings going about their days right under their large metal like feet with out a care in the world. The Cybreds watched the world go by, they watched every thing, days came and went tho their guard never fading.

All seemed perfect, all know perfect never always lasts, unknown to world, there was a crisis currently developing a crisis that was desperately trying to be solved before catastrophic failure could happen. The first trace of this took place exactly 2 years after the Cybreds introduction. 

A small base located near on the outskirts of Spagonia was hit by a untraceable virus attack that struck the facility infecting all but one of the machines. This virus turned the Cybreds hostile against any thing living, tho thanks to the efforts of random group of beings the virus was eradicated from the base and all Cybreds infected with it, immediately destroyed. The entire operation was shoved under the rug as a minor mishap, technical personal were called upon to beef up the security protocols of the Cybred command element to prevent a future virus attack.

For the next 2 years life continued  as normal as the massive machines continued to bring protection and safety to all around, including reminding the empire of their force that could be brought to bear earning them a fearsome reputation. Tho it was not long till another event would take place. 

This time the virus struct a important Cybred holding hanger with in the western territory near Northamer resulting in a full 12 Cybreds being infected, the machines quickly eliminated all on site person and continued to completely raise a town to the ground before acting G.U.N forces were able to neutralize the virus and stop most of the rampaging machines. 

Two weeks later a third strike happened this time a pair of Enforcer class Cybreds attacked Mobotropolis before on site Cybreds destroyed them, this was followed by a forth attack dangerously close to Station Square which was also eventually stopped but not after severe collateral damage. The top brass of G.U.N were becoming ever concerned, technical personal from both G.U.N and the Vektor Engineering company were called in further enforce and lock down the Cybred command element with even further security implementations. They still had no clue who or how they were able to access the network or inject viruses. 

Friday..12:30pm  if there ever was a perfect day it was today, the sky was light blue with soft fluffy clouds trailing in the air, a soft breeze traveled the lands, a perfect day for the perfect storm, personal inside the massive complex that ran the G.U.N military main network system that connected too all bases, satellite stations, naval units, communications and a lot more was going about their daily duties as all good personal would, the figure in charge was Major Renar the man in charge of both the networks of G.U.N and the Cybreds, dressed in he's smart naval blue suit, decorated with medals and perfectly kept, he was standing in the center of the room observing on site personal at work. Renar had been all to aware of the recent cyber virus attacks that had plagued the Cybred bases and in himself anxiety and nervousness ran though his body. Personal were still trying to do their best to figure out this strange virus and where it was coming from, they had to track it down and eliminate it to ensure total security of the system. 

Then with out warning all computer systems inside the complex experience a massive hard crash, emergency sirens are triggered, personal scramble to figure out the issue until 20 seconds later all systems come back online but horrifically scrambled, technical personal attempt to reboot the system to no avail, the code was completely jumbled and confused, Renar immediately ordered all technical personal to trace the source of the code, after 5 tense minutes it was concluded that the same virus had struct yet again, panic began spread through the room as staff began feared the worst.

Renar remained calm and collected, at least on the outside but he wanted answers and he wanted them know he called in communication personal to figure out just the extent of this virus attack. 

"How bad is it? 24 hours ago all systems and networks were secure."

"Yes sir they were but it seems like the virus had slowly began to infiltrate with out us knowing, at first it was only affecting the civilian sectors and nothing major but then it started to hit bases, the first was our weapons guidance bases to the north, signals from out satellites are scrambled beyond recognition."

"What about the missile silos and the submarines ?" 

"....We lost all contact with them."

"Dear god you saying we are completely open to attack ?...Who's doing this ? Some kind of power or some douche bag in his backyard garage ?"

"We don't know sir we struggling to pin the Virus down or trace it, it keeps growing and changing like it has a mind of its own......Sir the high commander of G.U.N is on the line to you." 

-Renar slowly switches the call over the most powerful figure in the G.U.N military, the main commander himself and by the sound of his tone he was angry and concerned.-

"Renar here sir."

"We'r hoping to hear you got some kind of solution for us Major your personal have informed me the most of our entire network system has just gone dark and our technical staff are unable to stop what ever is happening, however the guys over Vektor said Harbinger can stop this Virus."

"I understand what you are saying sir but Harbinger is not ready for full integration sir." 

"That is not what the tech boys told me, they said if we upload Harbinger now we can stop this damn virus for good, now I understand there is a certain performance anxiety over there but they assured me if we plug Harbinger in it will squash this virus like a bug and give me back control over my military."

"Sir let me make this as clear as I possibly can, if we upload Harbinger now into the system..Harbinger will be in control of most of your military."

"But you will be in control of Harbinger right ?" 

"...That is correct sir."

"Then do it...and Renar this thing get all the funding you will ever need." 

"Yes sir." 

-Renar cuts the call and moves to the still barely functional network interface, Renar instructs the immediate upload of Harbinger directly into the military network to crush the virus, with a simple touch of a button the system is active, Harbinger immediately takes control of the system, processing at incredible speeds, with in 1 minute the virus is successfully destroyed by Harbinger it self, a huge cheer rises from all the personal in the control room, they finally had crushed the virus that had plagued them for years...but the celebrations were short lived, shortly after computer systems start to go awal and non responsive, any and all attempts to log back into the system is met with failure. The code of the network completely altered into some new form. Suddenly Renar receives another call from the commander.-

"What the hell is going on over there Renar I was informed the virus has been crushed but why can we not regain control over our network."

"The tech guys said the code has been completely altered and refusing any and all direct input for our personal, we can not access it any more." 

"You better do something quickly Major if the empire figures out we are virtually defenseless they will attack..sort this problem out now!" 

-Technical staff begin the difficult task of tracing the new source code to where it was originating from, to their shock the source of the code was directly connected to Harbinger itself, Staff over at the Cybred command element reported in also indicating they had been locked out of their network systems by Harbinger, any and all attempts to reset or gain access was impossible. Renar immediately contacts Chief technical officer Helix over at the Cybred command element compound to figure out what the hell was going on.- 

"Helix what the hell is going on over there with Harbinger, it's completely locked us out of the network altogether and is refusing override commands I hope you got a solution to this."

"We are trying sir but the same situation has happened here, we are also locked out of the control elements we can not regain access, it's like the entire code has been re written by it that only it can control..."

-Suddenly one of the on site personal with direct outside communications informs Major Renar of a dreadful situation currently unfolding.-

"Sir we just got word from Sky henge  weapons guidance facility that multiple bases missile silos are preparing for launch, according to the what they seeing there they are targeting large cities, military bases, transport hubs and far more sir! They can't stop the missiles from launching but they may be able to deactivate the warheads."

"This isn't a security lock down procedure...this is a take over.....this can't be happening." 

-A emergency call comes ringing in from from Vektor Engineering central communications hub, on the line was a extremely distressed male.- 

"This is Renar here I think we have a hell of a situation here, It seems like who ever this bastard is he must of infected Harbinger, we can not get our network system back."

"No! Sir you don't understand Harbinger is the virus! It's the reason every thing is falling apart, we managed to hack the code and discover from our end the virus attacks were all related to Harbinger, it was probing our systems waiting for the right time to attack, it's taken control and is using our own weapons against us, its acting on its command program to eliminate all war, which means it wants to eliminate us as it sees us and the rest of the world as the cause of it...we can't stop what is coming have to issue a global immediate warning, those warheads will be launching soon....Its up to-"

-The Communication line is all but cut as communication systems begin to fail, with no hope to stop the inevitable, Renar orders all personal on site to evacuate immediately, to seek shelter in the vast bunker network of the complex while only a skeleton crew manned their stations. The major stood in control room with communications  cut, there was no chance to warn the world what was coming, the missiles were mere hours away from impact, some even closer..he stood silently, had he just doomed the world to a firestorm, had he set every thing in motion to cause this or was it simply playing straight in the AI's master plan. If the situation was not bad enough his trusted technical adviser warned him of a even greater danger.-

" may want to see this."

-Renar moves over to lean over the shoulder of he's technical adviser to look at a screen, information was coming in about Cybred forces along with a code directive being issued to them all. //Directive command protocol = Execute core directive...Fire//....Executing directive.// "Destroy them all"//-

"What is this..what is this core directive command?!"

-With a shaky voice the technical adviser slowly says- 

"Its ordering all Cybreds to begin a global wide eliminate of us.....this isn't a take over sir...this is a extermination."

-Renar's heart sinks, he quickly orders all remaining personal to evacuate the control room, being the last one to leave the group enter into the bunker and shut the massive bulk head blast doors. There was nothing more that could be done, the sunlight gone from their eyes as it may be the last time they would ever see it.

The white streaks of the missiles could be seen above the blue sky as they raced through the atmosphere, the world completely unaware of the storm that was coming, Suddenly the first missile struct, a blinding white light emitted for a second before a massive fire ball mushroom cloud lifted up into the sky, in the far distance another explosion erupted, then another, All walks of life ran and screamed for their lives trying to take shelter from the hellstorm raining down from above only to be confronted by the same metal titan's they once protected their homes, now they turned there weapons upon them and began to destroy all before them.

 They tried to run but it was hopeless the machines laid waste to all, those who tried to flee were gunned down where they stood, their homes, cities and towns burning in fire, across the world the bombs fell and slowly but surely Mobius and its inhabitants  was being systematically eliminated. Those who could, sought refuge in what ever means possible, some were lucky enough to make it to bomb shelters others hid away in underground basements but for the mass population of the planet...there was no hope, in mere hours Mobius has been completely ravaged by the weapons that were created to protect them what was left of resistance tried to fight back but they to were ultimately wiped out by the superior force of the machines.

The sky began to darken, the sheer destructive force of the missiles damaged the atmosphere badly, a putrid orange color began to over take the once natural blue sky, the clouds chocked with debris, smoke and who knows what else began to turn a ominous blacken color. The once vibrant cities and country sides now reduced to husks and burnt out landscapes of rolling sand and dead plant life. 

The bombs eventually stopped and so did the machines, in their wake was pure and utter apocalypse the likes that had never been seen, what seemed like utter hell had been reduced to nothing more then the sound of the eeriest of silences, nothing but the wind and the massive actuator metal feet of those who now roamed its plains were heard, Harbinger had crushed the planet in a matter of hours, no force was left to challenge him for its control...however as time went on..Harbinger overlooked one thing...that life was tenacious and even after his continued extermination of them...they still found a way to survive...survive long enough to return...but for now...the world was gone....consumed in a forever remembered event that would be known simply as.....the Great Fire.-
(Sorry for poor video quality I had bad sources to work with.)
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