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Post by Wolf478 on Wed Jan 16, 2019 10:48 am

Name: Ryan Stevens
Nickname: Rhino
Age: 24
Birthday: 16/1/1995 (Or whatever year is cannon minus his age)
Species: Green Tree Frog
Gender: Male
Occupation: PMC Soldier

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Ryan is rather slender figure, akin to most Green Tree Frogs, weighing about 36kg and standing roughly 130cm, keeping to his tall and thin frame. His Skin is a Vibrant Green with a much paler underbelly. 
Ryan's Eyes are a an Opaline mix of Brown and yellow. 
This Frog, similar to the rest of his kin, prefer to keep covered up.
Ryan is particularly attached to his Dunderdon P12 Denim Trousers, and usually wears them everywhere, along with an M69 Military Vest, especially when hunting for a Bounty. While he seems to only ever wear his Dunderdon, he can be spotted wearing other tops as well. 

Personality Traits

  • Swimming anywhere that isn't Saltwater
  • Getting Paid for his Services
  • Chilling with mates
  • The Pub


  • Being called a mercenary
  • When people call the Police
  • When GUN soldiers talk down to him
  • Salt


Ryan is an Australian Green Tree Frog, generally ok with being around people, but doesn't appreciate it when people try to get too close to him. His many years working as a For-Hire Private Military Personal has forced him to endure many terrible sights and situations that would otherwise scar him for life. All for the right price of course. His Identity will generally remain a mystery to strangers, but there are a select few who know him well enough to get drunk with. Ryan's usually fair in his dealings, unless he's on the Job, in which case he'll be as ruthless as needed to get the job done quickly.
Ryan loves his job and the pay, but hates the work that he'll get asked to do. In his personal life he is usually quite Tired and often not up for big adventures, preferring to relax and stay as sanitary as possible.
Combat Traits
Ryan's body isn't as strong as people of his size or height, as the Frog skeletal structure tends to be slightly weaker, however Ryan does possess the ability to climb most surfaces and ceilings with ease, due to the sticky pads trademark of frogs.

Ryan is also able to build up air inside his vocal Sac (The bubble in a Frog's throat) and release it in a powerful burst of Air strong enough to knock over a child, if given enough time.

  • His Physical strength is not that great, but he makes up for it with fast reflexes, high agility, the ability to climb walls and excellent stealth.


  • Ryan does tend to carry multiple weapons at all times, including a Pistol and Rifle.


  • Ryan's has a tendency to become dehydrated often in hot environments, a lot more more often and frequently than other Mobians.
    Using his Shout ability also will dehydrate his body and will need to drink a large amount of water afterwards.

Social Information
Positive Relations
-Damian the Bilby, Childhood friend and good mate.
Damian: Ryan and Damian met as kids, they attended school together and became great friends, however due to Ryan's enrolment in a Cadet Program, they couldn't spend much time together in their teenage years. When they left school the two of them stayed in touch, with contact becoming less frequent. It wasn't until recently when Ryan called Damian in to try his hand in the PMC business that they became friends again. While Damian chose not to join Ryan in the business, the two of them did end up getting along better and continue to be freinds.
 -Kane the Echidna, Mutually Respected individual
Kane: Ryan stumbled upon Kane on a mission to retrieve a kidnapped individual who had run away from their family and gotten into some dangerous business, Kane had also been sent to retrieve another Individual who had also gotten tangled in the same dangerous business, and the two of them happened to rescue their captive at the same time, meeting each other in the process. In a future mission, Ryan and Kane were hired to work together to escort an important figure through a battlefield. Ryan was shot and Kane dragged him to safety. The Bond between the two of them is tense at best and while they don't get along they both recognise and respect one another.


  • Ryan was born into a Military centred family, his father was a Veteran who had returned from the battlefield settle down and marry Ryan's future mother. Together they had four children, including Ryan.
  • At the age of four Ryan becomes Friends with Damian.
  • At the age of 15 Ryan is forced to take part in a Cadet Program
  • At the age of 18 Ryan and Damian graduate from school and make their separate ways.
  • While Ryan Did not want to join the Government Militia, he wanted to have a life in Military protection, so by the age of 20 he began hiring himself out as a For-Hire PMC.
  • At the age of 22, and on his third Mission, he meets Kane while rescuing hostages.
    At the age of 23 and on his fifth mission, Ryan discovers he is on the same job as Kane and the two of them form a bond.

  • At the age of 24 and on his sixth mission, Ryan invites Damian to join him on a small job. 
    Afterwards, Damian declines Ryan's invitation to join his PMC business, but the two of them become close friends again.

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