Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp"

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Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp" Empty Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp"

Post by SinMaze on Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:58 pm

Name: Mayhem the Lynx 
Nicknames: The Wasp
Age: 16
Species: Lynx
Gender: Female
Occupation: Freelancer

Mesuring 3'3" (not counting the ears), Mayhem is a red Lynx with black definitions on the ends. Her ears are long and pointy with tussled fur at the top and she has a huge bang of hair going over the face. If it wasn't for the pair of biker goggles holding it up, she wouldn't be able to see much. She has sharp blue eyes, a white muzzle and a white torso with a tuff of hair poking out of her jacket. Mayhem sports a jacket with a flipped up collar, holding by a belt at the end. Her gloves are reinforced and non-skidding to substain her melee attacks, also holding by belts to her wrists. She wear tall knee-high boots appropriate for any climats and surfaces, perfect for her multiple wanderings. The color of her uniform is mainly is black and yellow, referencing to her nickname.

Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp" Tumblr10
Art by rahafwabas

Personality traits

- Free falling, she feels free when in the air
- To eat
- To put on a show
- Music

- Awkward situations
- Feeling useless
- Discrimination
- Objects of magical power

People who have met her will all point out one big trait about her : She's determinated. 
Once she has a goal in mind she will do anything to persue it, even if it means going into an ally's way. She is a chaotic person, but isn't mindless. Mayhem thinks a lot about her purpose, meaning she could have a change of heart if she trusts enough the person in front of her. Although if you try to double cross her, this lynx will make your life a living hell.
If she isn't on business, Mayhem is actually quite lovable with a quirky attitude and a good sens of humour. Ready to give a helping hand to those who need it, she's made herself a promise to prevent, as much as she can, people of power from harming this world. It is one of the reasons why she doesn't show her emotions out of joy and sometimes anger.
In conclusion, this persistent lynx might be anarchic, but she's full of energy and good intentions.

Combat traits

Mayhem was born with an amazing force. Her strenght is able to make her lift thing going over three tons without breaking a sweat. Training with the purpose of using her powers to the maximum, she's able to jump and land from huge heights and stop things going at an incredible velocity.
While not having a lot of finesse, she has a dexterity in climbing (with something or someone on her back) and has good reflexes.
She also knows kick-boxing to defend herself properly and usualy knocks out people in a few hits (trying to not kill them of course).
In extreme cases, she can concentrate all of her energy (which shows itself in a sort of electrical way all over her body) into one attack which can be at least five times more destructive than usual. However, right after using this special attack, she's immediately out of commission barely hanging to consciousness and her body empty of energy, leaving her vulnerable.
In short, Mayhem sure packs a punch !

- Strong constitution
- Hyper strenght
- Fast learner
- Good reflexes

- Running is not her forté, which means she can get exhausted pretty fast when she's running
- Weak to magic, only has her strong constitution to shield her health from it for a while
- Being born in the north, she doesn't do well in really hot places
- Sometimes she thinks too much when in intense stress

Social information

Positive relations
- Garett the Caracal : Adoptive brother of Mayhem, freelancer somewhere in the world.

Negative relations

- None for the moment

Mayhem discovered her abilities at a very young age, which came very handy in making friends. Other kids didn't want to mess with her, but her energic and joyful attitude made her approachable. That didn't stop her from getting into fights with bullies, ending up being the one punish because she would be too rough. She didn't cared though. In her mind she had made a good deed in protecting others.
That's what her parents always told her: to use her strenght in order to defend those who don't have much. Such wisdom...that unfornuately got lost.

While in her early teen, Mayhem witness the destruction of her town at the hands of a super villain. All was a blur with fire everywhere, people in panic and evil minions roaming to get rid of the survivors. Too much chaos was happening. The young lynx wanted to help but she didn't know where to start, where to go, who to help or what was going on. Her mind not able to keep up with the events, her body frozen in place. If it wasn't for her brother pulling her to safety, she would surely have ended like many others in their village.

Since then, both have been living their life as freelancers; taking jobs where ever it was needed. They missed their home and their family, but now that they only had each others their lifestyle wasn't so bad.
Mayhem tried to remember the events clearly to spot who was to blame in this attack, but it was too fuzzy in her mind. She tried asking her brother, but he said he was too busy saving their lives to clearly remember who was attacking or for what purpose. There was only one thing burned in her mind : a sort of jewel shining a bright light was carried by one of the attackers. She had felt it...this magical power emanating, suffocating her being. The red lynx was naturaly weak to magic and would recognize this feeling anytime.
As the years passed, she grew to resent any magical artifact. They were tools held by people of power, giving them an unfair advantage and prying on the weaks. So many bad guys relying on divine magical powers...It had to be destroyed !

At 15 years old, after many years of training her body and her mind, she told her brother of her quest to become some sort of treasure hunter. If she had been gifted with amazing strenght, then she would use it to destroy any magical object that could treathen the existence of this planet. Her brother didn't argue much, him too being secretly angry since the attack. He simply wished her luck and hoped their path would meet again someday.
Both heading in different directions, Mayhem became a treasure hunter known as The Wasp : Protecting the world by controlling pest population. She captures and destroy dangerous objects...and sometimes people.
Beware of her sting, it might leave a mark.
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Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp" Empty Re: Mayhem the Lynx AKA "The Wasp"

Post by Shrike Marine on Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:24 pm

This is one badass being.
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