Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas

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Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas Empty Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas

Post by charredh on Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:04 am

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picture stolen from Mo Dao Zu Shi's weibo page

Yun Hong

A small, simple chinese village located at the base of Songshu Mountains. It is known for its rice wines and handmade calabash flutes. Its (not very impressive) population is made out of 60% mobians and 40% humans, where 90% of these mobians are rodents. Westernization caused by foreigners ensure that this village is not swallowed by the passage of time in exchange for some of its older traditions. Every Chinese New Year, the residents of Song Shu will come down to celebrate and perform stunts and tricks for the villagers.

As it is the closest village to the Song Shu Mountains, the members of the sect comes down frequently for groceries or other miscellaneous matters. It also have inns for foreigners who cannot stand Song Shu Fu's lack of a central heating system.

Song Shu Mountain

A mountain range named after the race of the first mobians to settle here centuries ago; squirrels. Since then, the mountains are known as the birthplace of the tail-whip style of mobian martial arts. Unfortunately people realised that kungfu can never beat western guns, and the fact that you need an exceptionally long tail to learn this style, so this particular art is quickly declining in popularity amongst locals.

Allegedly, the founder of this sect disliked fancy names so they simply named the fifteen mountains in the range Mountain #1, Mountain #2.... 

Song Shu Fu

Sandy's ancestral home somewhere in the middle of the mountains. As of now only his grandfather and ten other members of the sect live here. One of Sandy's older seniors is expected to take over after his grandfather pass away. Villagers who for some reason do not trust western medicine will trek all the way up the five hundred stone steps to get traditional chinese treatment from it's members. Recently, foreigners come here more frequently in hopes of learning some sweet moves only to leave in a month or so after they learn that there is no running hot water, the electricity goes out as constantly as death, only Sandy and his grandfather's rooms have internet, and the sole form of heating in the entire place during the bitter winter is your willpower.

Traditionally, the leader is also involved in the matters of Yun Hong.

Bing Hu

A small lake in the middle of the mountains which supplies fresh water for the mountain dwellers. Just like the mountains, a certain ancestor lovingly named it after the first thing they felt as soon as they dipped their toe into the pool: ice cold. Some slightly more sarcastic villagers have taken to calling this lake a 'hot spring', much to tourists' disappointment. Mysteriously, the lake always remained just a few degrees above freezing regardless of the season. Braver (or perhaps stupid) souls have also reported hearing "some kind of voice" within its waters upon attempting to swim in this near frozen lake.

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Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas Empty Re: Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas

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Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas Maxresdefault

(I tried to find the source for this, but the furthest i got to was a broken naver link whom i believe was the original artist but deleted it due to too many reposts, i'm sorry we westerners are an unruly bunch cantano-ssi)

Nan-Wen City
A much bigger and more prosperous city compared to Yun Hong. Being near the sea, most of its inhabitants are in the tourist or fishing business. The town is known for its myriad of water activities during the summer and its rich but mysterious history.

It is said that this city along with Bei Wen had once been a kingdom which spanned across the entire archipelago, but an incident ages past caused it to become the mere seaside city it is today with the Bei Wen side of it entirely in ruins.

Its population is made of 90% humans and 10% mobians, a stark contrast to the Yun Hong VIllage up north.

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(Source: somewhere in Blade and Soul. I only know the taiwanese names of all the locations)

The forest that separates Yun Hong from Nan Wen City. While some evidences point that another set of ruins of the old kingdom is perhaps hidden within the forest, so far no one had managed to find it. Some more imaginative people have suggested that these ‘ruins’ are actually Yun Hong.

Songshu Mountain and surrounding areas Juni-frio-desert-ruins-2b

Bei-Wen City
A pile of ruins which used to be part of the old kingdom that formed Nan-Wen City. although it is not known what caused the destruction of this part of the kingdom, evidence within the ruins suggested that a plague followed by a bitter civil war may have happened. It is a popular holiday destination for history buffs and archaeologists.

(insert generic image of a national park)

FengShi Island (Mad Corpse’s island)
Despite its less than welcoming name, this island is popular amongst tourists as a hotspot for wild game. Geese, deer and even the occasional tiger can be found on this island and are entirely legal to hunt..... so long as you don't enter the east side of the island, which exists as a conservatory for said animals. The meat obtained can be handed to any of the restaurants in Nan Wen City to be prepared into sumptuous dishes.

In the past, mentally ill people were routinely dumped on the island to rot and die, hence the name. This grisly tale thankfully have not deterred any tourists so far, but who knows.

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