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Post by charredh on Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:26 am

Name: Sandy Liu Sha (刘莎)
Nicknames: Sandy
Age: 18?
Species: ground squirrel
Gender: genderfluid, male pronouns
Occupation: adventurer

sandy the squirrel Colour_2_by_charred_heart-dct5atz


Personality traits

- silence
- brushing his tail 
- fighting

- too much noise
- school
- crowds
- "So what's your real gender? Like what's the thing in your pants?"

mostly shy, easygoing and soft-spoken. Will try to hide his presence as much as possible when in front of more than three people. Despite this, has a strong preference for violence when it comes to problems that can be solved by talking. This is not saying that he doesn't talk; he's just better at keeping quiet than opening his mouth. 

Combat traits


-Considering he's been trained in martial arts since he was a toddler, he's a master at qi manipulation and can enhance his attacks with qi blahblahblah.... watch kungfu hustle for an idea for what I'm talking about, english is not my best language

-he specialises in using his tail alongside his limbs to fight.

-he can use his tail to glide through the air. Don't question the physics behind it. 
- powerful sense of hearing
- prehensile tail
- very good at keeping quiet and pretending to be air. excellent if you want to pretend there isn't an extra person beside you when you're on a date

- social skills: n/a
- powerful sense of hearing: too powerful, will overload him if there's too much noise 
- does not always say the right thing: he's trying his best

Social information

Positive relations
- hs granddad
the man who raised him. Sees him as a parent more than his own actual parents.

Negative relations

- his parents
haven't seen them in 15 years. Doesn't give a fuck about them anymore.


Born and raised in Chun-Nan, this little squirrel spent most of his life in his granddad's dojo learning most life skills and some not-so-life skills (e.g. hurting people). Due to his oversensitive hearing Sandy never succeeded in adapting to a normal life, and therefore never learnt how to communicate effectively with people, instead spending most of his childhood communicating with fighting dummies via his fists. 

After he turned eighteen Sandy got the brilliant idea of leaving Chun-Nan to wander about and see more of the world. While this is what he constantly tells himself, his true purpose for leaving is to find his parents and give them a good punchin' for leaving his granddad and him to the elements for eighteen years.

Ironically, he also left his granddad to the elements. Don't tell him that, he'll feel guilty and fly back.

Misc. Notes

- his chinese name have the same pronunciation with 流沙 (quicksand)
- the word 莎 is usually used in feminine names, but I'm using it here because it's easier to write.
- before anyone mention it I'm going to say it: his design is heavily based off one of my characters in blade and soul, so his clothes are very similar to one of the game's costumes:
I hope that's not a terrible thing to do.

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