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Post by Wolf478 on Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:10 pm

So I realised that 100% of all roleplays I've done, excluding one that hasn't moved for a long time since my post, have involved Violence, action, war, or simply tension. That's because I love RPs with this kind of stuff in it, but Hey, I also love chill RPs. 

I was finishing off Sonic Mania with Knuckles the other day, and I was like. "Woah, damn that's some nice scenery." So not only am I going to make a MC version of it, but I was wondering if anyone here had visited good old

Press Gardens

Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone that's played Sonic Mania loved that place (Unless you didn't in which case that's ok too)

But Anyway, I was thinking about doing a pretty chilled RP somewhere on Westside Island, and preferably in the good old gardens. 

My idea is that perhaps a few characters go on a trip, invited by an anonymous figure with pre-paid flights to visit them on the island, and they are taken to press garden. I have no idea where to go from there. 

Anyway, I wanted to throw the idea out there and see what you guys thought about it!

P.S Don't worry, for those of you still waiting for a reply in RPs: I'll be on it shortly Wink

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