Agnit, the albino basilisk!

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Agnit, the albino basilisk! Empty Agnit, the albino basilisk!

Post by Icantbelieveitsnotbutter on Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:04 pm

Name: Agnit Jules
Nicknames: Aggy (He hates being called this)
Age: 21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Basilisk lizard
Gender: Male
Occupation: Weapons Tech Scientist

Appearance: An albino basilisk lizard, he has white scales, and grey streaks meeting up with grey backhands on his arms. His posture is kind of slithery, and he has lightning markings up his neck and down his arms. His eyes are a pinkish-red, and he has a forked tongue. He stands at a shorter height of 3'0. He can normally be found wearing a black tank-top, arctic digicamo combat pants, and black combat boots. He wears a thigh holster with his 500. Magnum saddled inside. The magnum has a jet-style sharkface on the end.

References: None as of now.

Personality traits

-Music (Despite his calm demeanor, he prefers metal)
-Video games
-Anything that makes him think creatively
-Building... Anything.
-Messing around with tech

-Repetitive things
-Being in dry, hot weather
-Other people poking around in his research (Especially authority figures)

Personality: This lizard is cautious and calm, afraid to do much when it comes to travelling or whatnot. He'll try to remain neutral in the face of conflict, but if someone he cares for convinces him, he may take a side. It is hard to bring him to anger.
But he can also be quite cowardly, and tends to get spooked and begin to detach when things get tough. In a social situation, this is the person that sits at the corner of the party and watches everyone else have fun. And in combat he will try to keep his enemies at range, and only get close up as a last resort.
He treats every weapon he creates with utmost care, masterfully crafting them. He doesn't quite mind who they go to unless used against him, in which case he will reluctantly retaliate with the rest of the arsenal. He isn't afraid to deal with people less than desirable, which is why his company has grown.

Combat traits


*Electrified Blood Due to the experiment, His blood conducts electricity. He can manipulate this electricity from his bloodstream, and out of his scales. This allows him to preform several feats such as Electrified Jet, where he shoots streams of energy from his scales in the opposite direction of where he's heading, boosting his running speed to a max of 75 mph, and even allowing him to fly at a max speed of 60 mph!! Also, he can make spikes of electricity protrude from his fingertips to preform Electrified Claws, a melee technique that gives him razor sharp (and quite shocking) 7 inch claws! Finally, his last resort is Electrified Burst! When he preforms this, he can channel up to all the electricity in his blood to create a potent blast that reaches 20 yards around at full power! He can also channel electricity to power systems. He also has a powerful 500. Magnum with explosive ammunition. He calls it "Spitfire".
He's still learning his powers ins and outs, and may learn more as time goes on.

-Pistol mastery
-Very intelligent
-Can be extremely patient in social situations
-Can recharge electricity by resting or siphoning it from systems

-He has a sort of battery life. If he runs out of electricity, he will pass out to recharge.
-Horrible in any climate less than ideal, being a desert lizard he cant handle cold, but being an albino he can't handle sun or heat.
-Very reclusive, has trouble with conversation sometimes.

Social information

Positive relations
- Ill add more to these once I begin rping

Negative relations

- Shauker Private Research Co.


Agnit was definitely the runt of the litter. His parents didn't even care to name him! Basilisk lizards are known for being tough, but he was weak, AND he couldn't handle the climate due to being albino. Some private research agency called "Shauker's Private Researchers" needed test subjects. Lots of money on the table. So his parents devised a plan. "Boy, sign this or else you're out of the house." He was only 13 at the time, and very naive. He signed it. Soon, he was shipped off to the lab, where he was kept for six years before finally being taken to test. In this time he learned to be patient and content with what he had, while still retaining his interest in building and science.

The day of him gaining his powers. He was wheeled into an operating room, where the scientists hooked up a strange machine to his vein. A fluid began entering his bloodstream but... Nothing. The disappointed researchers went to unplug the machine when something went horribly wrong. The machine malfunctioned. You see, this fluid conducted electricity almost perfectly. So sparks flew, and an electric current ran down his veins. Markings began appearing all over him, in the shape of lightning. He was in excruciating pain. When the researchers managed to unplug the machine, he was all but dead.

They dumped him out in the wilderness, not wanting to be blamed. He awoke, and started his journey back home. During this time, he learned of the "gifts" the experiment gave him. He made it to the barren area, after months of travel. More solitude and reclusion morphed his mind. He didn't go insane, he kind of just... Became quiet. Finally he found his family, only to be met with looks of shock and anger. "Why are you here, boy? We got rid of you!" He was rejected once again. Months later, he put his creative genius to work and started making and dealing weapons. His own company, of course. He knew better than a lot of other people that the world was a messed up place, but he didn't really care. He just provided the tools to change it, good or bad.

He was reading a book, when he found his name. The author's fake name suited him perfectly. Agnit.

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